Zeno Forex Trading Review

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Welcome to this Zeno forex trading review on best signals for forex. This time we will talk a little bit about this platform, benefits and cons. Depending on what you read here you will figure out if it is exactly what you were looking for. Let’s go!

What is Zeno Forex Trading?

Zeno Forex Trading is a service that provides Forex telegram signals, education and managed accounts. They want traders to have access to the best information about the market and trading, to ensure their clients’ accounts continue to grow. Today we are going to make this Zeno forex trading review to get to know these services and let you know if they meet your expectations in various categories.

Who is behind Zeno Forex Trading?

This service, introduced in 2010, is owned by Zeno Strategics Group. However, there does not appear to be a general address or location for the headquarters. Nor do they introduce us to the different members of their team. On their About them page they state that their CEO is “well known in the industry and has published many articles”, but they do not link us to any of the articles. Also, they don’t introduce us to this CEO, so we can’t verify his reputation.

zeno forex trading review

For who are the services of Zeno Forex Trading?

Zeno Forex provides its services for people who want to become a professional trader. It starts with Forex basics, that is a course for students with no experience of trading in the Forex or that have limited knowledge on the subject. This course will teach them everything they need to know about the Forex industry, the market and how they work.

Zeno Forex also has a main course in Forex training that is based around price action, correlation trading and specific setups to follow exactly as they teach them that both are simple and profitable. This course is to provide a high level of training to make students into a skilled and knowledgeable trader.

I’ts very important to know in this Zeno Forex trading review that they have a third course if you don’t have much time to learn, this course  it’s called Earn As You Learn, that it has been specifically designed for those who can’t spend a lot time learning how to trade. This is a six-week course and will give you profitable setups.

Prices and packages:

In this Zeno Forex trading review you will find different prices.

Manual Trading Membership:

Zeno Forex Trading Manual Service offers Forex signals every day of the week. The signals will be transmitted from 8:00 a.m. at 10:00 PM UK time and can be followed directly from the webinar. Each warning has unique entrances and exits using a “powerful winning strategy”. The signals come with money management and a specific explanation of the approach.

They don’t give us any information about the strategy and this is what we want to see before signing up. Even if they could give us access to an old webinar, it would be a great help to understand their approach and skills.

In terms of trading results, there are two charts called “September Performance” and “October Performance”. Traders can access the manual trading membership for £ 49.99 per month.

Auto Trading Membership:

Zeno Forex Trading Group’s auto trading membership is twice as expensive as the manual membership and costs £ 99.99 per month. With the automated program, you are not dealing with forex robots, but a managed account service.

Basically, traders sign up for membership, link to their brokerage, and then link to the main account to automatically receive transactions on MT4. They do not provide many details about the service, but claim that they use an “Alpha Trade Strategy” operated by their regulated forex trading team. This strategy is designed to detect market movements using range positioning and the institutional currency index transmitted to its servers.

Zeno Forex Trading customer support

If you have a quick question you want to make, you can fill a contact form in their page, but if you have more specifics questions that you think can’t be answered through their page, you can arrange a skype call with the team, by writing to their email address so you can discuss more closely what you want to know. They also have social media accounts that traders can follow to stay updated on their progress and information.

In this Zeno forex trading review we realized that their customer service is pretty good compared to other client´s support services. Remember that this is a key point to have in mind when choosing a tool like this.

Zeno Forex Trading client’s experiences

Many people that started using the services that this provider offers, are pleased. The clients find the courses to become a professional trader very useful, because it has one for beginners, for people that don’t have a lot of time for learning and can earn while in the course, and a main one that teaches even more things for traders that are already familiar with the service.

They are also pleased with the customer support, because when they have questions, complains or anything they need to get solved, the team of Zeno Forex Trading provide them with the solutions they want. And they can also get information on the social media platforms and stay tuned on everything

Pros and cons


  • Trading signals.
  • Managed account services.
  • Customer support through their page, email and skype.
  • Social media accounts with updated information.
  • Courses for beginners and advanced traders.


  • No verified results.
  • Limited knowledge of strategy.
  • No verified information about the CEO.

Zeno Forex Trading Review summary

Zeno Forex Trading is showing promise, but there are a quite few elements we would like to see flushed out. But besides that, it’s a good provider because it has a lot of aspects they offer to traders in the Forex Market: education, signals and managed accounts. We recommend using this service provider if you want to learn about trading and earn at the same time.

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