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Welcome to this XO signals review, this time we are going to do a little review about this signal provider that is little known but that nevertheless can bring you good benefits.

What is XO signals?

Xo Signals is a signal provider that is somehow unknown in the field of Forex. They are currently operating from Irish Town GX11 1AA, Gibraltar.

This provider is in charge of providing traders with free and premium trading alerts.

Who is behind XO signals?

The people behind this provider are unknown, you assume they are professional traders due to the fact that their forex telegram signals come with certain positive and professional aspects. It is important that you bear in mind that sometimes the traders or founders of the platforms can remain anonymous, for various reasons.

However, it will always be a better idea to work with signal providers that have their creators public.

For who are these trading signals?

According to what we discovered through this XO signals review, these signals are designed for both experienced and beginner traders to have successful results, without playing luck. With this provider, the main objective is to have a good strategy that is strengthened with help tools to be able to trade in a sensible way that allows you to move around this market without fear.

With this provider you can predict the variations of values ​​within an economic system just before they appear on the market and this is something that would help any trader.

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XO signals review: prices and packages

In XO signals you can find signals for free, this makes it a highly sought-after broker that gives benefits with practically no payment. However, if you want more benefits, you can opt for the premium membership which is quite cheap if you compare it with other signal providers.

Its price is $ 29 per month, although if you decide to pay the 3-month plan you can pay $ 70 for those 3 months, which will be just about 20$ a month.

This is something that caught our attention in this XO signals review because it is a good strategy for you to work with them for longer, which also benefits you as it is so cheap.

In the annual plan, you will only have to pay the equivalent of $ 10 per month. So, this is really a provider that you should include and consider in your trading and signals “must do”.

Is XO Signals legit?

This is a signal provider which was registered in 2017. According to other reviews and information from this provider it has 300,000 users. This platform is believed to lie a bit about its users as it doesn’t seem to have as much movement if it claims to have so many users.

However at least it is well known that their signals are true thanks to testimonials from other traders.

You can receive the signals both through mobile platforms and your desktop platform. You will even receive market news throughout the week. So far this is a provider that offers some really good and realistic stuff, but lies a bit to attract more followers.

XO signals customer service and support

On their page you can find a phone number and also an email address. Through this you will be able to communicate with them and get assistance from their staff.

They can take several hours to respond and this can be a disadvantage for this platform. However, there are no major complaints in this regard.

It’s also available in 23 languages.

XO signals customer review and client experience

Through the comments sought to learn a little about the reception of other users of this platform, we find comments of all kinds. In different XO signals reviews we could see that this provider receives positive comments regarding the quality of its signals and it´s tools.

But there are also different negative comments talking about the slowness of their customer service.  How impractical the platform can be is also a main topic.

It is important to take into account all the comments that you find. Analyzing the reasons that each user gives to the community is also a big deal. However, it is important to note that the free services of XO Signals are highly praised.

XO signals pros

In this platform we will find different pros that you can take into account in case you want to compare this platform with others.

  •  The free service of XO signals review is of excellent quality and it is very worthwhile. It is very well ranked on different tops and is quite professional for just being a free signal provider.
  •   On the platform you will find a market news feed which you can trust to keep up with market behavior.
  •  Every signal have an analysis that will help you understand their origin.
  •  Its premium membership is quite cheap compared to other platforms.
  • You can use the education section to learn more about the market.

XO signals cons

In any xo signals review it is important to take into account the cons that you could find in case you decide to work with this signal provider.

  •   The platform can be a bit confusing or have a not so “modern style”. This can create a bit of discomfort for traders who are used to using other more modern or easier to understand platforms.
  •  Their customer service may take several hours to respond and they may not answer your questions.
  •  Its creators remain anonymous.

XO signals review summary

XO signals review bases all its information on what  the official site of this provider gives. It is quite a complete provider and it does what it promises, it certainly has some flaws and is not the perfect signal provider.

XO signals is a platform in which an experienced or a beginner trader can perform well. Remember to always be aware of the reviews of the platforms you want to use. Keep checking our best signals for forex blog for other good forex reviews.

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