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The USD / JPY signals are important in the world of the cryptocurrency trading. The USD/JPY pair has become a very popular currency pair due to its attractive liquidity. Also, since it is such an easy pair to trade, both beginners and professionals prefer it.

Therefore, getting USD / JPY signals is a kind of obligation when working with it. Next we will take you on a walk through the places where you can get USD / JPY signals and you will also know the main characteristics of this pair.

What is USD  JPY?

USD / JPY is nothing more than the abbreviation used to denote the exchange rate presented between the US dollar and the Japanese yen. In this currency pair you will find how many Japanese yen it takes to buy a US dollar, with the dollar being the base currency.

USD / JPY Signals providers

Now that we are clear about what this pair is about, let’s take a look at the main providers of USD / JPY signals in the Forex market.

TradingView is a company presented in the form of graphics and social media software which is cloud based and is perfect for both beginner and advanced investors.

The incredible thing about this platform is that you will not only find signals for USD / JPY but also for many other pairs. There is also basic charting and analysis information for free. This platform also has an application and a desktop version.

In trading view also, you will have the ability to draw anything on the graph you want. In this way you can customize what you see, make bookmarks and basically learn your way. You’ll also be able to view multiple charts at once, having the opportunity to split the screen into many synchronized charts.

And as for the Forex Signals in general, not only USD / JPY, these are accompanied by an analysis by your provider. In addition, their customer service is responsible and available 24 hours a day. You can even share your own business ideas. If you want to follow some good forex signals please visit 

usd jpy forex signals


This time we find ourselves not only with a USD / JPY signal provider but also with a broker. This reliable broker is owned by Exo Capital Markets Ltd, for more information its license number is 68798. On his page you can also find his address, which is e1 Straits Prade, in Bristol, England, BS16 2LA.

This broker / signal provider is available in more than 10 languages.  Regarding customer service, merchants can contact customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can communicate with them through chat and Skype. This provider guarantees the transparency of the services provided, showing concrete analysis of your signals and commercial advice.

They also offer an FX market training course. And if you are interested in their share of trading, the broker offers leverage of up to 1: 400.


The MQL5 website is an important resource when it comes to providing forex signals for any pair.

Here the trader will find a complete service based on articles, forums and more. In addition to offering free services that seem premium, due to its quality content. In terms of security and legality, this provider is owned by MQL5 Ltd.

If  you are interested in paying for its premium service, payment will be through WebMoney, PayPal, SafeCharge and ePayments.  Once you do this you can use these funds to pay for the signals or products you want to buy.

1000pip builder

This provider indicates the path you should take depending on the pair of divusas you choose, being the USD / JPY pair in this case. The founder of this provider is a trading professional named Bob, located in London.

When it comes to customer service, you can deal with Bob directly and he will help you with whatever you need.   The signals they send you in turn are supervised by a technical analyst.

Trading USD / JPY

Trading this pair is one of the trends in the Forex market. In the event that you are investigating signals just to test the ground since you have not yet decided, we will take care of teaching you the positive aspects of the USD / JPY pair.

  •  Volatility: Due to the strength of the Japanese market, this is a volatile pair that allows the trader to make good profits.
  • Low spreads: The USD / JPY pair has relatively low supply and demand spreads.
  • Predictability: Your research and analysis becomes a simple task, due to how both markets are impregnated with trade. This gives you an overview of the big picture.
  • Volume: being the two most active currencies in the world, their volume is enormous. This is why you find USD / JPY Signals such an easy task.
  •   Perfect for beginners: as its trends are so smooth and of great liquidity, this pair is perfect and easy for beginner traders.
  •   Various commercial vehicles: Being such a popular pair, its vehicles are numerous.

The USD / JPY pair and its movement

To be able to invest in this pair we must also be clear about the situations that influence and act on its price, which in turn influence the signals that the trader receives.

  •  Japanese imports and exports: this refers to the fact that when the Japanese import more than they export, the dollar becomes the strongest currency.
  •   Economic strength: this is undoubtedly its greatest influence, because the respective economic strength will always be important. If one economy suffers, the other becomes stronger and so on.
  •   Japanese National Disasters: Any natural disaster that arises brings with it a substantial effect, especially in Japan.
  •   Government intervention: Because the United States Federal Reserve (Fed) and the Bank of Japan are responsible for this pair, the trader must be aware of news from each country.

Summary USD JPY signals

When it comes to USDJPY signals, they are a great help for traders, especially for beginners.

Using the signals for USD / JPY is an advantage for anyone, especially if it is this pair.

Remember that this pair is made up of the two strongest currencies on the market.

Check the provider options we gave you and tell us if they work for you. Good luck on your way to success! And keep following our website!

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