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The USD / CAD signals are nothing more than notices or trading advice from a trader or bot, to know when or how you should trade the pair, that is, if you should sell or buy and at what time. To get into the details, let’s take a look at what this pair is all about and its features.

 What is the USD / CAD pair?

This is the abbreviation given to the currency pair US dollar versus Canadian dollar (USD / CAD).  The quotes given to the USD / CAD currency pair are given to the trader to know how many Canadian dollars are needed to buy a US dollar, since the USD is the base currency. This pair is known as Loonie, that is, the trade of both.

The value of the loonie is quoted as US $ 1 for an amount set by the Canadian dollar trader.  So if the pair is trading at 1.20 they would need 1.2 Canadian dollars so they can buy 1 US dollar in this way. Being two nations with good relations, it is a pair that is highly priced.

Situations that may affect the USD:

  •  The interest rates established by the Federal Reserve are an important factor.
  •  Unemployment rate
  •  Growth rates of the Gross Domestic Product -International trade agreements and also everything related to tariffs.
  •  Printing and offering of money from the federal reserve.
  •   Political events.
  •  Balance of payments. -Consumer savings -National debt.
  • Budget deficit.
  •  Home income rates

Situations affecting CAD:

  •  Something important when it comes to CAD, is the interest rate of the Bank of Canada.
  • The prices of basic products, such as zinc, potash, oil, gold and many others.
  •  Of course, the employment rate and their creation are also involved.
  •   International policies directly affect
  • Budget deficit
  •  The national debt
  •  The situation of the relationship between Canada and the United States.

usd cad forex signals

The USD / CAD parity

This pair has reached price parity and then we will give you a series of examples so that you understand it better. Once the Great Recession was over and everyone found quantitative easing from the US Federal Reserve. In the US, the CAD shot up against the USD. Thus finally reaching 0.95.

Parity cases typically come as a result of periods of financial distress in the US. USA Sometimes it also happens due to high oil prices. For 2016, oil prices fell and this caused the barrel to trade pir below $ 30. For this reason, the Canadian dollar reached a record low of 1.46. Wanna boost your trading and start with forex signals? Then getting live forex signals without registration is key.

USD and CAD impacts on lifestyle

As the USA and Canada are neighboring countries at the time of the changes, they have small and large impacts on business, lifestyle and, of course, tourism. In the case of the US dollar, this usually strengthens when there are migrations from manufacturing subcontracting and also labor to Canada with the aim of reducing costs.

In addition there is more importation of goods from Canada to the USA. USA  Americans are also much more likely to tour Canada because it is so much less expensive than it would be if Canadians did it in the United States.

USD / CAD best signals providers

Below we will give you a series of recommendations for you to find the ideal signal provider for you who uses Forex telegram signals.

With this provider you would have free access to their advanced broker trading tools first. Now, in Autochartist, which is the charts section of the platform, you will find that the platform performs a kind of automatic market survey in which you will find signals such as those of USD / CAD.

You can also find forecasts of what could happen regarding traditional technical analysis of previously received signals. Many of its signals are short term.

best usd cad signals

Forex GDP

This provider is low cost, in fact offers you a free plan with up to four high-quality signals per month. Its signals generate between 90 and 150 pips of profit, despite being free.

As for his premium plans, we find the basic of $ 84 per month, which sends up to 8 trading signals with a target profit of 300 to 700 pips. There is a plan of $ 147 a month, which is the supreme, with this you can get between 16-25 signals.

Daily Forex

This signal site is super crowded and has more than half a million monthly visitors, it is always in first or second place in the signal provider rankings. It is responsible for posting daily forex signals for Bitcoin and all currency pairs including the USD / CAD. Also this provider is totally free. Each currency pair will be sectioned by a distinctive page dedicated to the pair only.  With each signal received you will also get entry, exit and, of course, stop loss price points.


Again we find this renowned signal provider. As you should already know It is managed by professional trader Joel Kruger. In this broker you will find more than signs for USD / CAD but also an advisor that will help you in your search for success. Its services are based on six market analysis disciplines, which are: technical analysis, fundamental analysis, a trade magazine, dashboard analysis, operator psychology and, of course, bank reports.

There are different payment packages for your comfort. For example, there is the $ 30 monthly plan where you will receive 5 weekly technical and fundamental analysis reports, also 1 weekly Market Movers report and more than 5 signals of the pair you want.

When it comes to the $ 45 a month plan, you’ll have all of the above deals, including priority customer service and also an export trade history.

Summary USD CAD Signals

Trading the USD / CAD pair is easier than usual because the two countries are neighbors. Finding a signal provider makes your life as a trader easier and ultimately if you take a look at several of these that we show you, you can find your life partner in Forex.

The USD / CAD signals will show you what to do with that pair and make a profit from it. Keep reading and checking our best signals for forex website for other cool forex stuff!

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