Traders academy club review

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Welcome to the Traders academy club review. This time we will take a closer look at the different tools and functions that characterize this signal provider.

Remember that choosing a good signal provider is an important step in your career as a trader since the forex signals you receive must meet qualities such as:

  • Good signal precision.
  • Good customer service
  • Technical analysis
  • Good prices
  • Stop losses

What is Traders academy club?

Traders Academy Club is one of the largest online signal provider centers on the market. It not only offers signals but also strategies, tips and tools for currency trading.

Members of this provider also have access to different LIVE trading sessions which are broadcast twice a day.

Who is behind Traders academy club?

After a short search for this Trader academy club review we found the mastermind of this provider, Vladimir Ribakov. This is a forex trader who has over 11 years of trading experience and has been very successful.

His YouTube channel is also very famous among the different traders who are in the market and see the different free courses on the web. Traders Academy club was born from the need for this trader to have a platform to receive signals and information that could help him improve his strategy.

Through this Traders academy club review you can find all the different tools that this platform has.

Traders academy club review

For who are this Traders Academy Club signals?

In this traders academy club review we have discovered that the signals of this provider are not directed to a specific group of traders. That’s because the founder’s idea was to create a site where everyone could benefit.

This provider has always aimed to make its open platform a community of merchants who learn through different skill levels. In addition, its professional content seeks that even beginner traders can become professionals.

Here traders will be able to improve their strategy and the way in which they operate in the market.

Traders Academy Club review features

Now, let’s take a closer look at everything that you will be able to use if you start being part of the community of this platform.

  • Access to live trading webinars which will help you improve how you operate in the market.
  • Daily market analysis reports.
  • Educational videos on analysis.
  • Community of merchants help you solve your doubts.
  • Learning to use the technical analysis methods to trade the currencies you choose.
  • Downloadable useful resources.
  • Signals with 90% accuracy.

Traders academy club custommer support

This signal provider offers the trader a customer support that is available all day. And for more options, it is available in several languages ​​for traders who cannot speak English. The customer service team can take a few hours to respond, but they will always have the solution to your problems.

They are attentive, friendly and helpful, they will give you personalized attention to cover your needs as a client.

You will be able to contact them  through the platform or email if it’s easier to you.

Traders academy club prices

Traders academy club pricing is fairly straightforward. His best plan is the one in which you must pay less than $ 200 for a year of signals and other benefits for the trader. The price to be exact would be $ 192. There are also other memberships available that can be used and paid for through the Traders academy club platform.

Traders academy club reviews and clients comments

Through the web you can find different types of comments about Traders academy club. In this traders academy club review we have focused on making a probe of the largest number of comments in order to make a general study from it.

Undoubtedly, most of the comments come from traders recommending this platform, very happy and satisfied with what this platform has provided them. There are also a lot of negative comments, which tend to focus on the fact that customer support can sometimes take some time to respond or that some of their signals have not been completely accurate.

However it is important to keep in mind that this can come if you speak directly from the ignorance of the operation of a signal provider.


Of course, before fully delving into the use of this platform, we must have well defined the benefits that we will obtain.

  • Currency trading educational program.
  • Offers essential tools of the trade managed by professionals.
  • Any type of user can make use of it since they have the opportunity to learn and have access to good tools.
  • Content expressed and properly communicated.
  • -The platform is easy to use and manageable. Furthermore, it can even be customized by the trader who uses it.
  • This platform is transparent and even provides various signal and operation histories so you can see for yourself its functionality.
  • It has an excellence score in the FPA (Forex Peace Army) expert forum.


As explained previously, the recurring complaint among traders using the Traders academy club review platform is based on the delay imposed on customer service.

There is also a bit of talk about the speed of the platform, which can get a bit heavy which would make it a slow platform. In the case of refunds, it may take several days to become effective.

However this is something that would happen with any platform.

Traders Academy club review summary

Today currency trading is slowly becoming one of the most attractive online markets for making money.

So in order to be a better trader and be more productive, starting to use help tools is the best option. Traders academy club is that tool you have been looking for.

Signal providers offer you a great opportunity based on quick and easy-to-understand technical analysis applied to your strategy. This provider is very good and offers many types of benefits for the current trader.

Remember also that you must give different opportunities to different signal providers since you must find one that suits your needs. Finding a provider that has good comments and that everyone claims is good does not necessarily mean that it is good for you, so we also recommend using demo trials.

Good luck in your career and keep checking our best signals for forex blog!

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