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Welcome to this Trader pulse review on our best signals for forex website! Now we will see information about this platform and how you can use it to get benefits in your trading career.

What is trader pulse?

Traderpulse refers to a provider that provides fundamental and technical analysis to other traders through certain indicators and manual analyzes. They have a prominent trading indicator which is the range band indicator for the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

This is their most famous commercial product on the platform. They also have forex telegram signals that are sent through their Forex Analysis application. These signals are generated by expert professional operators.

Who is behind trader pulse?

The people behind this platform are unknown, the identity of its founders is not known. However, you can find the address of their headquarters in their oficial page.

However, on its page it says that they recently started their operations in the market and got fully into the signal business.

trader pulse review

For who are these Trader pulse services?

These services offered by this platform are aimed at all types of traders who are looking for help tools for the progressive growth of their career as traders.

The help tools you can find in Forex give you a different way of seeing the market and taking advantage of your operations. From calendars, webinars, and signals, all together make up a way to trade the right instruments and currencies at good prices.

Trader Pulse Highlights

  • You will be able to trade directly in the market and execute pending orders.
  • You will receive Forex signals with due notification to your cell phone.
  • They have precise TP and SL.
  • You can trade in up to 18 different currency pairs
  • There are intermediate objective levels which serve the trader to minimize losses.
  • With TraderPulse you will also have at your disposal an interactive and easy to use web application.
  • You will have an analysis summary, this will show you the currency pair and the direction of the market.
  • They offer a visual explanation, which provides an explanation of the strategy.

Trader pulse customer service

This provider offers its customer service only via email. His email can be found through his page and his social networks. The truth is not a good quality customer service, they usually take a long time to respond and the attention is not personalized. That’s one aspect that has been talked about a lot in different forums and review pages. In addition, it is also not available in languages ​​other than English.

Trader pulse reviews and user comments

This is another one of those providers that have split feedback and can find both positive and negative feedback. In general, in the pulse trader reviews no one complains about the quality of the signals or the service that the pulse trader offers itself.

In general, complaints and bad comments are directed at your customer service and how slow the platform can be. These aspects must be taken into account if looking for a way to objectively see a group of services that we are going to use.


Trader Pulse offers 3 products so you will find 3 types of subscription packages from which you can use the one that suits you best.

As for the range band indicator it costs $ 289.

For the Forex trading app, there are 3 different subscription packages.

  • Demo Plan: this is accompanied by 10 analyzes of different currency pairs. These signals in turn are sent 24/5.
  • Premium Plan: in this you will get between 40 and 60 pips per operation. The platform promises the trader an 85% profit rate. The cost of such membership is $ 57 per month.
  • Pro Plan: This is the third subscription package. It has a small cost of $ 147 every 3 months.

When it comes to Forex signal application, you will also find 3 subscription packages.

  • Demo plan: you will receive 3 daily signals with analysis included. Supposedly includes a 60% profit rate and trading in major and minor pairs.
  • Premium Plan: this has a cost of $ 39 per month. Here you will have access to the trading of all currency pairs, raw materials and cryptocurrencies are also included.
  • VIP Plan: It has a price of $ 99 for every 3 months.


In every trader pulse review you should pay attention to the pros you will find by using the services of the platform.

Among the benefits you will find from trader pulse are:

  • Forex strategy book, these will help you improve your strategy and you may even be able to find one that best suits your needs.
  • Multiple services: in this way you will not only have calendars and advice, but also signals that focus on a good trade made by both professional traders and beginning traders.
  • Economic: for all the services it offers and the quality of those services, this is a platform with extremely cheap memberships.


However in this Trader pulse review it is important to keep in mind the different cons of using this signal provider and multifunctional platform.

  • Customer service is very slow and you can only communicate with them through email.
  • Customer service is only available in one language.
  • Although the signals are accompanied by analysis, these signals are not verified.
  • It is a platform that is not regulated.

Trader pulse review summary

Trader pulse is a fundamental and technical analysis provider that gives you the opportunity to have several services at the same time. In this way, Trader Pulse gives the trader the opportunity to buy their products through guides and courses.

Trader Pulse’s services and appearance leave a simple view that it is an extremely professional platform and you know what it does.

For that same reason it is important to keep in mind that once you choose a site like this to be your right hand, you can enjoy your daily business in the best way.

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