Reaper Robot review

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Welcome to this Reaper Robot Review on our best signals for forex blog. Once again, we bring you a review about a platform that may serve you in your career as a trader. Therefore, below, we will evaluate its most important aspects!

What is Reaper Robot?

Reaper Robot is a robot created to work on Forex trading. This EA is fully automated and works on its own, this way traders don’t have to spend time looking up the changes in Forex market.

However, they can change the settings on the Expert Advisor if they want to. All of it means it can work with the strategy you like. This bot works with MetaTrader 4 platform and it works with all currency pairs on the market. Traders just have to choose the ones they want to trade with and the Reaper will adapt on it. The robot trades 24 hours a day for 5 days a week. It also takes just 5 minutes to set up. Traders are allowed to trade on a demo account just in case they want to test first the EA and see how it works. So can we count the Reaper robot to the best forex robots or  not?

Who is behind Reaper Robot?

It’s very important to know who’s the developer of these EAs, in this Reaper Robot Review we’re going to talk about them. We did a proper research to give our readers great information about the creators. The original owner and creator of this EA was Don Steinitz. Don studied thousands of hours the market and trading to get involved in that world.

This guy  and a traders pro team, started working on EAs and created this Reaper Robot. Sadly, Don passed away and now there’s shady information about the current owners.

Some say they’re a team called Forex Robot Trader, some say there isn’t actual information about them.

We looked on the official page and there’s only information about Don. But, we’ve seen some red flags such like:  lack of real information, flashy design and just the way they’re running the page.

All of it makes us think that they’re not professional traders, they may be marketers.

Reaper Robot review

For who are the services of Reaper Robot?

So far, from what’ve been reading, this is a robot that is very well constructed. It has an excellent software and it works with a great amount of currency pairs.

It can also be customized, just how you like it. Reaper Robot offers a variety of things so traders can be comfortable with it. Because of this, we think that this EA is suitable for beginners and professional traders, of course we encourage beginners to first look into Forex trading and it´s world. Do not forget that there are also other websites where you can find some off the best forex robots.

Reaper Robot prices and packages

In this Reaper Robot Review we’re going to look for packages and prices that the owners of this EA offer in their site. Currently they have one offer on the sales page of the website, and this can be very convenient for beginners that want to earn with an EA.

Normally, the price of the EA is $199, but from time to time they offer a discount on it and at moment it has a cost of $99. Traders can pay by using a credit card or a paypal account. Besides that, we haven’t seen any other information about the package.

All we know is the price and that traders can use a demo account first to try the bot.

Reaper Robot customer support

Obviously, there are going to be complains or questions that clients will have about the product they purchased, so it’s important that the team behind the EA take care of that. On the official website there’s a section called FAQ, where there are a variety of questions with answers that traders usually have.

So, if you have a concerned you can look into that and see if there’s the answer you need. But also, they offer a contact form in the section ‘’Support’’ that’s on their page.

There, traders can fill it up and send a message so the team can respond it, these messages are handled in the order they are received.

Robot client’s experiences

We’ve read feedback from different customers, in this Reaper Robot Review we’re going to look into various comments from clients to see what’s their experience with the EA.

There’s feedback on their official page but for obvious reasons, they don’t post the negative comments so traders will see only the positive ones. We know that this robot is well made, but not everyone has a good experience with these types of products.

There are people stating that they had excellent results with this Expert Advisor and that they’re pleased, but the feedback from other clients say the opposite. There are investors that aren’t satisfied with Reaper Robot, many customers experienced losses after using the software. We think its kind of a red flag that the team don’t respond to negative feedback, they just leave them behind. All of the previous gives them a bad image to future clients. So is this the best scalping EA? Read our conclusion below!

Robot pros and cons


  • The EA is completely automated.
  • Has a low price.
  • Doesn’t require a minimum deposit to start using the bot.
  • It works with all types of currency pairs.


  • No good comments from clients.
  • There isn’t no money-back guarantee.
  • Poor customer support.
  • Shady information about current owners.
  • No verified results.

Reaper Robot Review summary

To end to this Reaper Robot Review, we think that this EA can do so much better in many aspects.

Although it can work for people that are entering the world of trading, it won’t work so well for traders that are already professionals.

They need to improve the part of the lack of information about them, meaning, they need to update the page and put information like who they are and where they’re from.

Everything that is considered essential should be public so people feels more secure at the moment of getting the EA.

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