Promax Gold EA Review

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Greetings! Welcome back to Our Best Signal for Forex Website. Today we are back with an interesting post that is Promax Gold EA Review. In this review, we will give you all the information that you need to know about this robot-like what is it, features, trading strategies, the team behind, prices/packages, customer remarks, and lastly our conclusion. So if you want to have this robot then keep reading this review!

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What is Promax Gold EA?

Promax Gold EA promises to be the world’s first autonomous gold trading robot with smart filter technology. According to the manufacturer, this enables the robot to do both basic and technical analyses with comparable precision. This method is also said to be capable of generating a monthly profit of 20-48 percent.

The seller provides a thorough presentation on Promax Gold EA’s official website, outlining the system’s main characteristics. On Myfxbook, we are given a handful of live trading accounts with real-time results, but we can see that they haven’t been active for very long. There is a live performance video as well as a quick description of how the EA works.

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Promax Gold EA Features

The Promax Gold EA Review will be incomplete without highlighting the basic features of this robot. This is a fully automated strategy that exclusively trades on the Metatrader 4 platform in the XAU/USD pair. It features an in-built money management system that is supposed to protect your account from being emptied, and it automatically picks lot sizes when trading. You just have to pay once for the program, and all future upgrades are free.

This Forex robot is built to gather market data to execute trades. According to the manufacturer, it is capable of attaining accuracy of 88 percent, and it uses the smart grid system to close all transactions without loss during a downturn phase.

Installing this robot takes only 5 minutes, and you can get started with a $1000 investment. The seller suggests that you use it for 5 minutes. It is also suggested that you utilize the EA with a 1:500 leverage ECN account.

It’s a little frustrating that the merchant doesn’t explain the trading technique. Expert traders can examine the technical aspects of the techniques to determine whether or not the EA is capable of making money. As a result, the lack of it may dissuade some of them from investing.

Promax Gold EA Trading strategies

This portion of the Promax Gold EA Review will highlight that how this EA will operate. While the seller cites previous performance testing, no backtests are available on the website. When it comes to the technique, the usage of a grid method to cancel trades when there is a downturn is mentioned. The standard trading information is given, such as the use of technical and fundamental analysis. We are skeptical about the usefulness of this FX robot because of the unclear strategy explanation and the lack of strategy tester feedback.

Prices/Packages Available

The Promax Gold EA Review should have prices or packages details so that traders can take the decision. This FX EA was originally sold at $390 and is now available for $198. You get a trial and a real account, as well as installation instructions and free updates when you buy this ATS. A 14-day return period is offered. Users should stick to the default settings and try the program on the sample account for 14 days, according to the seller, and if they aren’t happy with the results, they may email the vendor for a full refund. The refund offer and suggestion appear to be reasonable. The lowered pricing makes this EA accessible and competitively priced, despite the fact that the original price is high.

Customer Feedback

This section of the Promax Gold EA Review will be dedicated to customer feedback on this EA. This FX EA has 49 reviews on the official site, with a 4.9/5 rating. We don’t use such evaluations to evaluate trading software since they have a high probability of being rigged. We appreciate unbiased reviews from places like Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, and others.

We may analyze the real nature of the EA’s performance, the help provided, and other essential factors with unbiased comments. The lack of such evaluations for this MT4 tool indicates that it is not well-known among traders interested in gold trading.

Pros and Cons

This section of Promax Gold EA should include the advantages and disadvantages of using this EA.


  • Automated gold trading
  • The MetaTrader 4 trading platform
  • A completely automated trading method
  • Default options
  • Accounts on Myfxbook that have been verified
  • A grid-based trading system
  • Complete backing
  • Free updates for life
  • An instruction manual


  • For some traders, it might be costly.
  • Metatrader4 for the XAUUSD pair is available
  • The vendor company is new and has yet to demonstrate its worth.
  • They owe customers a lot of information about their business history.

Conclusion Promax Gold EA Review

Here we have the end of this Promax Gold EA Review. With its live results on the MyFXBook site, Promax Gold EA has an established track record. However, based on our examination of the data, it is obvious that just authenticating trading does not imply that the system is fully functional. The trade statistics reveal a profit percentage that is consistent with the vendor’s promises of significant earnings. However, we are concerned by the large drawdown %, which implies a high-risk threshold. The limited sample size makes it difficult to get a clear picture of the EA’s actual performance. The vendor’s mention of the grid technique makes us even more skeptical of the strategy’s success.  A major flaw in this MT4 tool is the absence of a description of the trading strategy. In addition, the lack of appropriate support choices reveals a lack of vendor openness. We do not consider this EA to be a reliable trading tool because of its numerous flaws.

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