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Welcome to this ND10X Review on our best signals for forex blog. This time we’re going to talk about this product and its platform, how it works, pros and cons, everything readers should know!

Depending on what you read here you will figure out if it is what you’re looking for. Or if you want to look for other options

What is ND10X?

ND10X is an expert Forex trading system that works automatically. It checks indicators like COG, MACD and StochasticRSI. It also offers market summaries like bar move and movement of the currency, this system is made with years of experiments, surveys and technologies. In the official page they offer five different courses where clients will go from being a beginner with no experience, to a professional trader with the knowledge they need to start earning money with trading. Is this the best EA or not? You can find out today!

Who is behind ND10X?

It’s very important to know who created these types of products, in this ND10X Review we’re going to do some research and see if there’s any information about the developer. We’ve found that the creator of this system is called Nicola Delic, who’s been in the world of Forex trading for more than six years. He has an excellent reputation in this world for developing numerous systems like Forex Master Level, Scientific Trading Machine and Forex Duality. Apart from being a developer, he’s an educator, as he has interacted with brokers to show them the benefits of digital products such as ND10X. He’s a professional that have been assigned to important positions like being the CEO of Singapore Grand Capital fund. This information can be found in the official site, and we think this is really great, because it can attract people to purchase the software.


For who are the services of ND10X?

Up to this point, we can say that this product is very well made and because of all the things that the creator offers in the page, the system can be used by beginners, people that are entering in the world of trading, and can be used by people that can be considered professional traders, that have the experience and knowledge needed to use this software. The courses will help beginners to be prepared and earn money with a high rate of success.

It can also benefit traders in case they don’t know something in particular, watching the videos and economic news will guide them even more.

ND10X prices and packages

In this ND10X Review we’re going to let readers know about the price and packages about this system.

In the website you can find the price for the trading system that comes with the courses for $499, traders need to be sure that they’ll get the product from the official website. The developer offers other services that are named ‘’bonuses’’, which are 10 and in each of them Nicola Delic offers information, trackers, indicators and more, the prices of these bonus go from $250, to $500 and $997. Of course, we think that the prices of the bonuses are really expensive, just like the price of the trading system on its own. But there are no worries, if traders are not happy with the outcome of the software after purchasing it, they can opt to choose the 60 day money-back guarantee and get full refund on their money.

ND10X customer support

Just like with any other product, clients will eventually have complaints and questions that need to be answered. According to a variety of information, their customer support is quite wide, by offering an email address, a live chat and a skype account that works for 24 hours the whole week. We looked in the official website at the end of it, in the section called ‘’support’’, and there you can find only an email address.

We think it’s weird that in other sites they say that apparently there’s a variety of ways to contact them.

ND10X client’s experiences

We’ve seen feedback from different clients and in this ND10X Review we’re going read a variety comments from traders that purchased the system. We read in the website numerous emails from customers, stating that they had an excellent experience with the trading system and with the training they offer. There are also videos of colleagues saying really good things about this product, and we consider that these can be appealing to future clients.

ND10X pros and cons


  • Training courses for beginners and professional traders that want to learn more.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee in case clients are not happy with the system.
  • There’s a lot of information about the creator of the software, which gives confidence to traders.
  • A very well-made website, where they feature everything the client needs.
  • Educational videos to beginners.


  • The price for the system is considered very high, and can’t be accessible for people that are getting into the world of trading.
  • Shady customer support, because there’s only an email address on the official site, and in other websites they say that there’s a variety of ways to contact the support team.
  • It’s not an automated system so traders will have to give at least 2-4 hours a day for the system to work properly.

ND10X Review summary

We’re at the end of this ND10X Review, and we consider that this software it’s excellent and clients give it at least a 4 out of 5-star rating.

The system provides indicators when the criteria and conditions are met, it’s programmed to be a low-risk system that offers the highest rewards to users. It is very well constructed and by an expert developer with years of experience in trading, which gives them a lot of good points.

We think that the training courses they offer in the site it’s a really good aspect because thanks to this, people can be educated in the best possible way to get into the Forex trading world and the market.

Earning money with a high rate of success it’s also a good characteristic. Even though it has a high price, we consider that it’s worth the cost because it’s a really well-made product.

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