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Welcome to this MegaMindFX Review on our best signals for forex website. This time we will give you a review of this alert provider for traders. We will evaluate their services, how they work and how they can help you. All this in order to give you a summary of the pros and cons that you can evaluate.

Through the evaluation of pros and cons you will be able to decipher if it is the platform you were looking for or not.

That is why it is important to always take into account reviews of the platforms to be used in order to know what we are using.

What is MegaMindFX Signal?

MegaMindFX is a service that provides trade alerts for currencies and Gold respectively. This service is located in the UK and wants traders to know that their weekly pip target is between 1000 to 2500 pips. Services like these are usually the most sought after, especially by novice traders.

This is because it is extremely important to be aware of market movements and how that will affect your performance. Let’s review these services in this MegaMindFX Review and let you know if they meet your expectations. BTW if you are looking for some premium forex indicators you can check this website:

Who is behind MegaMindFX Signal?

They are a team of professional traders that have years and years of experience in the Forex industry. They all decided to work together and put all their knowledge combined to help customers that want to become traders and earn from this market. It’s important to know that Stock Exchange trading it’s not easy, but the professional traders behind MegaMindFX will help you through the road.

For who are the services of MegaMindFX

This platform is made for traders that are looking for a good Forex signal and that can cover their expectations. They can send the signals through Telegram app or email, if you want to receive the notification immediately, they recommend you use Telegram. They are not cross sectioned to be beginner signals or professional signals.

We already know that although signals are generally more sought after by beginners, professionals in the field gain ground by using signals sporadically.

MegaMindFX prices and packages

It all depends on conditions your broker suggests. There are lots of brokers who allows you open an account with 50 or 100 dollars and you can obtain some primary bonuses that allow you to start your trading using their help, as well.

This service provides four signal packages: Traders can choose the monthly package or opt for the quarterly, bi-annually or yearly plans. Let´s give it a look at them here in this MegaMidFX review.

  • The subscription cost for a monthly package is: $50.
  • For a quarterly plan the cost is: $100.
  • The bi-anually plan is: $150.
  • Yearly plans have a cost of: $250.

If you think about it more carefully, this broker offers an annual plan for the price at which or would offer in another provider for their monthly services, at least in terms of price, this is a fairly inexpensive provider.

Customer support

To get in touch with them to resolve any questions you may have or make a major complaint, you can leave a message in the contact form on their page.

They also give you their phone number for more specific questions and their email.

On the page you will also find their address and their social networks. In the world of Forex and all the help tools that it offers, it is very valuable to have enough information about the service we are using.

The more information there is, the more peace of mind for the user.

As for the speed of their responses, they are usually averaging. This means that they could either answer you in a few minutes or they could leave you waiting for several hours.

There are reports of people who say that they never responded, this should always be taken into account when choosing a signal provider.

However, most were pleased with their attention and help and that is something to highlight in this MegamindFX review.

MegaMindFX client’s experiences

Many traders and investors that started using the services that this signal provider offers, have had both good and bad experiences. They specified that they don’t offer 100% success rate, but they can help you get better results.

In this MegaMindFX review we take the comments of other clients very seriously, this is of utmost importance because based on the experience of other people it is also possible to measure the quality of the services provided by a platform.

Different customers offer various reviews ranging from the worst they have ever tried to saying that it is a good enough signal provider for when you need some extra help or light the way when trading.

Pros and cons


  • Trading signals.
  • Immediate notifications through the Telegram app.
  • Customer support through their page, email and phone number.
  • Social media accounts with updated information.
  • You can find their information directly on their website
  • It has an easy-to-use platform for any type of trader
  • It has a FAQs section


  • No verified results.
  • Limited knowledge of strategy.
  • They don’t offer a refund.
  • Don’t offer 100% success rate.
  • Customer service seems to be inconsistent

MegaMindFX Review summary

MegaMindFX is a signal provider that definitely needs to improve in many aspects, for example in the aspect of redemptions.

Although they are quite clear on their page that they are not responsible for the loss or anything that happens to the merchants and the money they invest, this is something that providers should take into account and They should ensure the safety of their users’ funds.

However, this provider also has many good points and aspects such as the team of professional traders behind it, signal notifications via email and forex signals Telegram, packages, etc. It can definitely be a really good platform if traders keep improving the service for their customers.

This platform may not be the best but it does comply with what each user should have, but always remember to keep in mind that any provider must be aware of the platform they use to invest their money.

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