Max pip FX review

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Welcome to this Max pip FX review on best signals for forex. Again, we come with the most complete information about a signal provider for the community of traders in the Forex market.

This signal provider seems to have a lot to offer the Forex trader, as its services are geared towards satisfying their needs.

What is Max pip FX review?

Max Pip FX is a Forex signal provider that has been active since 2014.

This provider gives to the trader daily Forex telegram Signals for major pairs, all in real time. You will also be able to get the best trading signals for free when it comes to the pair EUR / USD.  It also offers free Live Forex Alerts both by mail and by SMS.

Their signals, according to their website have an accuracy of up to 70%.

Who is behind Max pip FX?

Julien Detouche is the trader behind this platform, it is indicated that his place of residence is in France. However, the platform still provides services to other countries.

It is also believed that there are other people behind the administration of the platform.

You will be able to communicate with Julien through the same Max pip FX platform and resolve your doubts about the use of the platform. Remember that in any review, the identity of the founding trader is important. In the case of this Max pip FX review, it will not be the exception.

For who are these Forex signals?

Let’s start because any paid service begins by being directed to the people who can afford it from the beginning.

However, on this platform there are also free services. In that case the signals of this provider are aimed at Forex traders who need certain trading advice from professionals.

These signals are usually accompanied by summaries and technical analysis, which to be better understood, the trader must have some kind of prior knowledge.

In general, Forex signals of any platform are aimed at any trader who needs them. Although it is usually more common for them to be sought after by beginners, pros traders also make use of them, since it is always necessary to be sure of the operations you are going to perform.


Max pip FX packages and prices

The prices of this provider are varied, and it has different packages. The variety of price packages is important because in this way any trader will have the opportunity to choose what suits him depending on what he is looking for.

So, their prices are divided into two categories, those of forex signals and those of MT4 / MT5 Auto Trade Copier. Firs, let´s take a look to the signal’s packages.

  • Monthly plan:

    This package is priced at $ 99. By paying this you will receive sms and emails signals.

They will be an average of 2 to 10 daily signals. The signals are for all currency pairs.

  • 2 months package:

    In this case, you will have to pay only $ 89 for each month. You will also receive from 2 to 10 daily signals, assistance from the staff, as well as technical analysis.

  • 3 months package:

    In this package you would only have to pay $ 79 for each month, which represents a great loss for any trader who wants to use the services of this provider.

In the case of MT4 / MT5 Auto Trade Copier packages, here they are:

  • 1-month package:

    This package offers the option of MT4 and MT5 auto trade copier. Also be able to copy trades from all major pairs.

Online support is also included in the price. You will pay around $ 139 per month.

  • 2-month plan:

    In this plan you will also find the option of MT4 and MT5 auto trade copier. All Major Pairs can be copied and receive signals. Also, you will have instant Entries / Market Execution. In this case you will have to pay $125 per Month.

  • 3 months package:

    As well as the other payment packages, in this you will find AUTO TRADE COPIER MT4 and MT5. Online support is also included. The monthly price is $ 111 per Month.

Max pip FX customer service

On the platform you can find a FAQs section. With this section you will be able to solve certain doubts about the market and the use of the platform and its signals.

But of course, you can also communicate with the founder of the platform through the chat option which gives you a form.

In this Max pip FX review it is important to highlight how good or efficient the customer service is. When filling out the form that the chat gives you, you must write your message and at the same time provide your email. You will receive the answer in a short time through your email.

The truth is pretty decent customer service.

Max pip FX client´s review and comments

The truth is, there are many negative comments about the operation and veracity of this provider.

Many talks about how they never received a response when it came to their customer service. They also say they lie about the accuracy of their signals.

There is a lot of controversy since there are also several traders who claim to have worked with this provider and have obtained very good results. As in this Max pip FX review it is more important to be honest, let’s say that this provider has many flaws, however it works just as it should. However, it never hurts to consider better options.

Max pip FX pros

  • The prices are quite affordable.
  • The signals are verified by MyFXBook.
  • It also offers copy trading service.

Max pip FX cons

  • Customer service is not as good as on other platforms.
  • There is not much information about the directive behind the platform.

Max pip FX review summary

This is a platform that, for being so small and limited, offers a moderately good service.

However, this does not mean that it is a fully recommended platform or that every trader should use, but it is a cheaper provider.

Therefore, you must be careful when using it and take care of your funds.


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