M15 Signals Review

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Welcome to this M15 Signals Review on our best signals for forex blog. This time we will talk a little bit about this platform, benefits, pros and cons, everything you need to know!

Depending on what you read here you will figure out if it is exactly what you were looking for. Let’s go!

What is M15 Signals Review?

M15 Signal is a telegram-based Forex signal provider that offers 2-8 alerts per day, with a scant vision of strategy. The seller is allegedly operating out of Venice, Italy, for about two years now. Their motto is ‘’helping traders reach their investments goals’’, and in order to so, the analysts want to work together with their customers to be sure that the entire community is profiting from their service. On their sales page, you will see screenshots of expired signals with little or no business address. Other than this, there is nothing very interesting on their website.

m15 signals review

Who is behind M15 Signals?

It is necessary to know who is behind signals providers, so in this M15 Signals Reviw won’t be any different. Here we will tell you the creator and if there’s a team that works for this company. The people behind M15 Signals are a group of professional traders and stock market experts with 9 years of experience, that are offering profitable and accurate low-cost Forex and Gold signals. Some people say he is using a mix off trending indicators together with a price action indicator.

For who are the services of M15 Signals?

This platform or signal provider is made for people who don’t know about stock market or Forex Trading. Their goal is to offer traders a quality service with their knowledge, efforts and experience, to guide their clients to become a successful trader. We assume they are using several premium indicators like the fibonacci indicator mt4.

M15 Signals prices and packages

Here in this M15 Signals review you’ll get to know the prices and packages of this platform before traders consider using this signal provider. They offer three types of packages that have different prices, which are the following:

Free Lifetime

Like its name, it’s a free trial to the signal provider, it’s a short-term signal. This package promises:

  • 2-5 signals per day
  • Forex Signals Telegram
  • Accuracy of almost 90%
  • 250 to 600 pips per month
  • 3 take profits per signal
  • No manual close
  • The signals times are Asia, London and USA and it gives you risks management advice.

Premium package valid for 1 month

In this package, you can get:

  • To 2-8 signals per day
  • 1500 to 3500 pips per month for a price of 55$
  • An accuracy of almost 90%, alerts via Telegram

The rest of the information is just like the free package one.

Premium package valid for 3 months

This is the third package they offer on their platform, for 110$.

Just like the package for 1 month, this one offers 2-8 signals per day, 1500 to 3500 pips per month and telegram live alerts.

Here, the rest of the information for this package is like the first one.

(There is also a 6 month premium package that has the same benefits than the others, with the difference that you will have a discount)

M15 Signals customer support

If customers want to make a complaint or simply ask questions, there are two methods available. The first one that is used the most is the contact form at their page.

Here traders can fill it up with their information and the message they want to send, or you can contact them through their social media accounts as well. All though, they don’t fully reply to the messages that traders sent to them.

M15 Signals client’s experiences

There’s a lot of feedback from different customers, in this M15 Signals Review we’re going to let you know about a few of them. Traders have said different things about this platform, both good and bad, but mostly are bad. They’ve given at least 2-3 out of 5 start rating, saying that the signal provider doesn’t work that well and that they had mostly losses than earnings. Customers have stated that the followers on the M15 Signals accounts are mostly fake on their instagram, fake members on telegram channel, fake pips count and random trades. The trades are not certain, they say that trades are just pure guesses and don’t even include the negative trades on their results. The only good thing that customers have to say is that they a decent marketing for the small platform.

M15 Signals pros and cons


  • 2-8 signals per day.
  • Live alert using Telegram.
  • Offers customer support using a contact form in their page and Telegram.
  • Social media accounts that offers information.
  • Three different packages with accessible prices.


  • Limited strategy insight.
  • Don’t offer 100% success rate.
  • Poor support.
  • Not willing to answer questions.
  • No verified or truthful results.
  • Pure guesses on the trades, most of them are negative and don’t show it.
  • Fake followers on their social media accounts and Telegram channel.
  • Traders get more losses than earnings.

M15 Signals Review summary

To end this M15 Signals Review, we can say that this Forex signal provider is a scam. Their marketing strategy may be really good, great packages and prices, but this signal service is very poorly managed.

They have a really long way before they can even compete in the Forex signals market. From what we’ve read, we don’t recommend using this signal provider because they have many negative feedbacks and they fail in different ways. Even though they said there’s a professional and experts of traders working in this platform, they fail to offer verified results, and the results they do provide are very suspicious. Aside from the features mentioned in each pricing plan, nowhere on their website do they explain the actual analyst use method to pick up a trade. You will not see any explanation of strategies. We have also observed that this website is not as professional as those owned by serious developers selling serious products.

They are able to post positive results on their sites, however a word of caution: these surprising results are often the result of retrospective simulation, or based on hypothetical results. Even with blatant false promises of big profits “while you sleep”, millions of dollars are dropped into these Forex Signals scams every day.

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