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Welcome again to best signals for forex! Live Forex signals without registration seems like a utopia, but it is not. It is very normal that you want to receive Forex signals in Telegram for free without having to go through a registration process since in advance you know that you will still use others.

Therefore, this time we have taken care of bringing you a small compilation of live forex signals providers without registration so that your search is shortened and you have better and faster ways of making your life as a trader, much better.

What are Live Forex signals?

Live forex signals are the calls you will receive in real time from professional traders. Such signals are accompanied by revealing information such as whether you should buy / sell and at what price.

From live Forex signals, people can even make a copy of the trade, which is to imitate the movements of another operator in order to have the same results.

Use Live Forex signals! Reasons to use them

Live Forex signals can be used wisely from the hands of their users, and can bring many benefits to a Forex career.

So as our goal is that your stay in the market is very comfortable and with benefits to come, we will bring you a group of reasons.

  •   Education and learning: by using these signals you will be able to see first hand how other operators enter and exit the operations they are carrying out and can copy their movements or at the same time share their knowledge.
  • Save time: Many times you cannot be a full-time trader because there are many other responsibilities on a day-to-day basis. So, having the ability and the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of other traders, in addition to receiving signals that tell you what to do and what not, becomes a great help and a perfect way to organize yourself better.
  • Earnings: while you develop your day-to-day skills through signals, you can make profits even offering your signals to other traders. There is nothing to stop you from making a profit from your efforts.
  • Diversification: you will find many providers, one different from the other and you will have a lot to choose from. They will differ in styles, instruments, terms, quality, experience time, prices, etc.

Choosing one will depend on your tastes and preferences.

forex signals without registration

Safety first: live forex signals cons

As we explained previously, ultimately, live forex signals bring with them a lot of benefits, however, every good trader from any market must bear in mind that caution is paramount.

It is possible that certain signals and certain tips have been profitable for one or a specific group of traders due to special circumstances, but they may not work for you. It is also possible that,  these traders who provide the signals, they had their own abilities, they knew how to do their analysis in a specific way and you may not fully understand it.

Therefore, to make good use of these live forex signals, you must have knowledge in terms of advantage and experience, technical analysis and different types of strategies.

Remember that using these signals does not mean making no effort or totally ignoring the market, but rather a daily help.

So, these are the aspects that you should take into consideration:

  •  Have commercial skills and some experience.
  •  Subscribe to signal providers that are reliable and also have experience in the market.
  • Have will with your work, concentrate.

If you ignore or do not fully take into account the points expressed above, then it does not make much sense to make use of these types of signals since their misuse can trigger a series of errors and loss positions.

The best free Forex signals without registration

Since you know how these signals work and what to do and not do, it’s time to find the right providers, so after an investigation we managed to get a group of live signal providers that don’t need you to do the whole registration process.

 Daily Forex

This platform goes beyond what is imagined, it offers forex signals, live forex signals, news, analysis, etc. They are free signals with the quality of a paid signal and the best thing is that you do not need to subscribe.

Daily forex is a licensed and famous platform that ensures your movements. In this platform you will be able to see the qualifications of the traders that send free live forex signals and from there draw your own conclusions.

This website has live signals for all types of cryptocurrencies or currency pairs, which you can use without registering or paying a penny. Making use of these signs is easy.

You just have to make your signal requests and identify the time “from” and “until”. Different types of traders will offer you different signals and different ways to use them, so this site is in charge of averaging the signals offered and showing you that average.

The best forex signal

This is another platform that has free live signal service for Forex. This platform even analyzes currency exchange trends and formulates charts with indicators. Their interface is easy to understand and there is no confusion when using them or their customer service.

Summary Live forex signals without registration

In the Forex market you can even find different types of signals that you could use. These are:

  • Swing trading signals
  • Short term
  • Commodities and stocks signals
  • Trade the breakout signals
  • Forex signals live
  • Trend reversal
  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • News trading signals


The use of free signals represents an unprecedented help for any trader. The signal providers we chose above are completely free and offer various types of signals including live signals.

Therefore, if we know how to use them in the right way, you can be a professional in less than you imagine. Start trading and becoming a good trader it just takes discipline and time, don’t go on easy manners, study and focus using the signals as the best tool to help you.

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