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This week on our blog Best Signals for Forex, we got you a full Libertex review! And this one is a software that you might have heard about countless times already. So far, it is one of the most known Forex brokers around the whole world. And the reason behind that is because it is incredibly accurate while performing. This broker is made for both professional Forex traders and new ones in this business. But, despite your level of experience, you will for sure benefit from this software. And one of the biggest advantages you get from operating with it is all the easy customization.

Apart from that, this software is just incredible in general.

So, in this Libertex review, you can expect to find all the little secrets and tips before getting started. And after trying this software for some time now, we are going to share our experience with it. The topics we will disclose here go from company overview, customer support, and assets. Also, countries available and languages supported, regulations and laws, and more!

So if you are interested in this broker, or have tried it before, make sure you check out this article. And share your thoughts and opinions with us, as well as the other readers.You can also read this interesting Libertex review article.

Let´s get started!

What´s the Libertex broker?

Libertex is one of the longest Forex companies in the market to date. They released their highly popular and successful broker in 1997 when the market was just getting started. And since then, they became one of the few companies that traders trust and rely on. So far, many things surprise us from this software, one of them is the new technology they use. This broker operates using new tools that allow your trading to be easier, so you can focus on more important things. And, you are open to adjust and customize your account as much as you want to.

This broker comes with countless tools, different settings, and technologies that no other has in the market. You to choose from 250 different assets to trade with. And each one has a wide range of currencies, metals, and selections to choose from. So far, the majority of their products go from oil, stocks, hot assets, commodities, and even cryptocurrency. As you can see, this one is one of the most complete brokers you can try. And it is one of the best choices for those traders who are looking to expand their portfolios.

Another nice thing to mention about Libertex is that this broker supports many different languages as it is available in many countries around the world. And you can get it in over 20 countries right now, and these people are looking forward to expanding their platforms as well.

What do you think about Libertex so far? Maybe this one is the broker that has been looking for!

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Libertex Company Details Overview

For this part of our detailed Libertex review, we are disclosing some crucial information you need to know. First of all, this company is based in Limassol, Cyprus, which is in the Mediterranean. And they are part of the Libertex Group. This means this company is highly reliable and that you won´t have any kind of trouble working with them. And this safety all their clients get is the reason why they have over 2 million traders using their system worldwide.

Libertex was founded over 20 years ago, back in 1997 when the Forex business wasn´t so popular yet. And somehow they have managed to upgrade their software with time and the new tendencies. So this is the reason how, despite not being a new company, they have managed to prevail in the market.

Also, their services are wide and these drawn traders of all kinds and from different parts of the world. They offer many benefits and their software is highly accurate with easy interface and customization. So traders from all levels of experience can use it and get benefits quickly from operating using this broker.


In this Libertex review, we have already mentioned countless times that you can trust this company with your money. But, right now we are going to be getting into full detail about its regulations and laws. The Libertex brand is operated by the CySEC(Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and Financial Services Commission regulated entities. And by the Financial Services Commission as well. These two ensure security for both the traders and their investments on the platform. So, in case anything wrong happens, they have special policies and laws for everything. Although, always make sure to check out your countries laws about Forex and such, that way you are safe in any situation. But, under Libertex´s hands, you will always be okay! And if you want to get much more detailed information about this topic, make sure to check out their official website. You will find all you need to know in the “About Us” section or the FAQ page.

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Trading Platforms Supported

Libertex is a broker that makes it easier to trade for everyone in the market. It uses some technologies and algorithms that make it stand out from the rest of the other brokers online. And, at the moment, it trades using the MT4 only, with some advantages that include performance customization. So, if you get a good expert advisor to work along with it, you will start seeing possible results in no time! But, at the moment, this broker doesn´t support the MT5 platform. Hopefully, in the future, this will change since we know this software is constantly getting new upgrades and updates.

Libertex´s software allows you to fully customize it, you get zero spreads while trading, can change the lot sizes, and supports auto trading. So, this broker can be the best option you can get right now if you are just getting started in this business. And it´s also easy to expand your trading portfolio using it.

At this point in this Libertex review you might be wondering, how do I get started? Well, it´s fairly easy and it will take you less than 5 minutes. So, all you have to do is log in on the website and fill in with all your information. On another note, the broker´s interface and display can be customized too. So, choose in between the one created by Libertex or the basic MT4 platform. Either way, you will get a nice experience using any of them, as the platform is very easy to operate.


Assets and Markets

To get in detail about the products and services offered by Libertex, we are going to list them in this part of the Libertex review. It supports many precious metals, like gold, silver, and copper. Also, you can choose from oils, gas, agriculture, indices, many stocks, and hot assets. And you can trade cryptocurrencies, ETFs, currencies, and more! So, you can tell this company represents its slogan: Trade for More!

With all these choices, you can expand your portfolio and make money while learning new tips and tricks in the Forex market.

And guess what? This broker supports over 213 different assets and counting! Because they are always adding many new features and improvements to their platform. So, you can choose all the currencies and assets in general that benefit you the most. And you are more than likely to get the hang of it quick, even if you are a beginner in this business.

In addition to the stocks, you can choose from many categories available that go from the most common ones to new ones. So far, you can now trade cannabis, education, luxury, and healthcare as well. And also telecommunications, new technologies, the automobile industry, famous stocks, and more! So don´t hesitate to try new things while operating with this software. There are no limitations to what you can achieve using it!

Deposit and Withdrawal

The whole payments and deposits of Libertex are easy and fast. To deposit money you just have to transfer funds from any of the supported platforms offered. And to withdraw your money, you can do it from the online site or the apps. Just request your money and submit your account, such as Neteller, for example. And then in just a few moments, you will get your money directly to your account. Make sure you do the request on working hours because if not, then you will get your payment the next day. And you can choose if you want your money in dollars or euros as well! How convenient is that?

Libertex Mobile Apps

We mentioned above on this Libertex review that there are mobile apps you can use to trade with this software. So, at the moment, they are both available for free on both the AppStore and PlayStore. So it doesn´t matter what kind of device you got, you can still get these apps. Their design is easy to operate, the display is simple to understand, and you can trade on them! So, even if you don´t own a pc or laptop, you can only use these apps for your broker. You can deposit your money, request payments, customize your trades, open or exit trades, and more.

The only difference between using the apps or the online version is that you can carry your phone wherever you go! And these apps are constantly getting new upgrades to ensure you get the best experience while using them.

Countries and Languages accepted by Libertex

Libertex European CySEC regulated entity accepts clients from the European Economic Area (EEA). Libertex as an international entity has tons of different languages.

At the moment these range from Portuguese, Spanish, English, Indonesian, Chinese, Malay, Russian, Thai, and German.

Libertex Customer Service

As usual, on all of our reviews, we talk about the customer service from the platforms we review. And this Libertex review won´t be an exception! This company is very transparent and reachable when it comes to these particular things. And you can find all the different ways where you can contact them on their website. So far, they accept phone calls, messages through Facebook and WhatsApp, emails, and their social media are available as well. And you can also fill a form on the site if you want, or maybe you can go to their blog to see if someone else has asked what you want to know. There are many ways available for you to contact them! Just make sure you do it on work ours, so they can answer you the same day.

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Benefits and Drawbacks

Into this part of the Libertex review, we are condensing all the most important details. And these are both positive and negative about the things you must keep in mind using this broker.


  • You can work on this platform using mobile apps available.
  • There is a wide range of assets, commodities, and cryptocurrencies that you can trade.
  • Libertex is the best choice for traders who are looking forward to expanding their trading portfolios.
  • This company is regulated and has laws that protect you and your money.
  • You get demo accounts available as soon as you open an account.


  • Paypal is not supported to deposit or withdraw your funds.
  • This software is not available on the MT5 platform yet.

Conclusions Libertex Review

Finally, we got to the end of this Libertex review! After we tested and got many different experiences from various traders, we can agree that this one is an amazing broker. If you can, you should be investing your money already in Libertex because we have shown you all the endless possibilities! This one is an amazing choice for all those traders who are looking to expand their trading portfolios. So, even if you are still learning, or you have never tried anything apart from currencies, you will benefit from using it!

Make sure to share this Libertex review with any other traders you know and don´t forget to let us know what you think!


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