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Welcome to this K2 trades review on our best signals for forex blog. Here you will find all the relevant information regarding the characteristics of this signal provider.

Remember that the secret to start using a service is to see and read as many reviews and opinions from other people. Sure, always from trustworthy people, like us.

What is K2 trades?

This is a patented trading system, which gives the trader the opportunity to learn from the beginning, to be able to operate profitably.

Their method is based on the distribution and delivery of signals and educational courses on various topics related to Forex.

You can also share your interests with other merchants in the market if you join the Community. K2 makes use of proprietary indicators developed by its own professional traders.

Who is behind K2 trades?

Shawn Calallage is its creator, however there is not much more that is known about its founder besides that he is a professional and who created this platform from scratch. Because this is an American indicator, its offices are in California.

Despite not knowing so much about its creator, the platform is still quite transparent with its information and the services it provides, so you should not worry about that aspect of K2 trades review.

K2 Trades

What are the K2 prices?

In K2 trades you will find 3 types of packages or memberships from which you can choose the one that suits you best, let’s take a look at them.

  • Monthly basic package(first month): This one is priced at $ 50. Here you will get system video courses, signal indicator and trading. A resistance and support indicator is also included. And of course, training webinars. This price is just available for the first month.
  • Premium Monthly Package: This one is priced at $ 150 / month In this membership you can enjoy video courses of the patented K² system. You’ll also find a proprietary K² trade indicator and signal channel.

You can also join the Telegram channel and share different experiences with other traders. Webinars won’t be missing, plus direct access from the K2 trades team for help and advice. This is the price that you will have to pay once the first month with a membership of $ 50 ends.

  • Annual membership: This would cost $ 100 / month, saving you $ 50 a month when you usually use or plan to use the monthly plan. The annual course is super complete, it has all the necessary educational tools so that the trader can acquire more knowledge.

You’ll also find a proprietary K² trade indicator. The signals of course will not be missing, with more than 85% accuracy. You will also have access to premium signals.

K2 trades customer service and support

If you have not yet registered you can contact them through their email by filling out a form that is provided on the same page. There is also a Frequently ask questions section that you can turn to in case of doubt. In regards to customer service for the K2 trades fixed user, it should be noted that the platform can advise you personally through Telegram Forex Signals or mail, since that comes in the membership pros.

A drawback may be that such customer service is not available in languages ​​other than English. And sometimes it may take a little while to resolve your doubts. The K2 trades user will also be able to access the frequently ask questions section and thus resolve their doubts quickly. In general, it is a high-mid-range service that fulfills its functions and is quite effective since the operators that serve you are all professionals.

K2 trades clients reviews and comments

There is a lot of talk about this signal provider, in short it is a provider which does not go unnoticed. Most of the comments that were found about this provider were positive, especially I speak in the field of the signals and the educational level.

This provider goes to great lengths to provide good service so that their customers have nothing bad to say. They are attentive, specialized, fast and transparent. Bad reviews practically don’t exist for this provider. K2 trades reviews are all publics and you can find them  on any forex forum.

For who are these Forex signals and forex educational material?

These signals and educational material provided by K2 trades are especially aimed at beginner traders as they focus on the basics of Forex and how to improve from scratch.

The signals on their side are quite specific and tradera professionals could find them quite easy which would make day-to-day trading much less burdensome. It is important to keep in mind that platforms like these do not limit the type of trader that will enter your team since, after all, the most important aspects such as signals are no more than daily help tools.


In this signal provider you will find many benefits that will make your life as a trader a simpler procedure.

  • Having the opportunity to learn the basics of Trading and its most important aspects.
  • You will receive high precision signals a minimum of 7 times a week.
  • All signals are accompanied by technical and fundamental analysis.
  • You can participate in webinars
  • They will give you  free access to all the videos of the academy
  • You can solve your doubts through the FAQ section.
  • The platform is easy to use


Among the cons of this signal provider we can find:

  • Customer service is not available in languages ​​other than English.
  • The Customer service may take a while to respond
  • The signal results are not usually verified.

K2 trades review summary

K2 trades is more than a provider, it is an extremely important source of information for the current trader.

It brings with it many benefits that will give you the necessary tools to perfect your strategy and thus improve your results. Don’t be afraid to seek help.

The tools are your friends and ultimately K2 trades review is the proof.

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