Infinity Scalper review

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Welcome to this Infinity Scalper review on our forex website.

This time we find a software that you will probably want to try in your day to day as a trader.

What is Infinity Scalper?

Infinity Scalper is a forex indicator which is in charge of

Make your users winners by using scalping as their main strategy. This is an aptly named forex aid tool. This software is designed with the aim of bringing more ease and simplicity to the trading life of the trader.

Using this software allows you to get rid of the need to calculate or analyze the foreign exchange market because the indicator takes care of it.

This indicator is responsible for producing forex signals that are not altered.

Who is behind Infinity scalper?

Karl Dittman is the creator of this software that aims to deliver professional standard signals in an easy and fast way.

It is important to know that through the web you will find many programs similar to this one.

Infinity Scalper software stands out as being in the hands of an expert who has years of experience. Karl Dittman and his team of professionals managed to create a genuine hybrid that is kept up to date automatically.

For who is this indicator?

A Forex indicator shows you certain signals available in the market and selects the most appropriate ones according to your way of trading and based on this, you can execute them.

So, Infinity scalper is in charge of providing a service to any trader who feels the need to use an indicator.

It is important to emphasize that to be a good trader you must use the best tools you find. Using some help does not mean that you are not a professional, on the contrary, most professionals use software that helps them to be more productive in their day to day. There are off course other ways off auto trading. You can search for a good price action scalping EA also. The options are huge these days!

infinity scalper

Infinity Scalper prices

This is a software that has only one type of payment, so you only have to pay $ 87.

This software even has a refund method that can be used in the first 60 days. In order to recover the money in case you are not satisfied with the services provided by Infinity scalper review, you must write an email to the founder of Infinity scalper.

The price of this indicator is quite low when compared to other indicators on the market. It is also an indicator that has good reviews and is quite famous which makes it be in a position where it could be more expensive.

Its payment methods are through bank transfers, credit card and certain electronic wallets.

Infinity scalper customer service

For this Forex indicator software, its founder enabled an email through which you can communicate with him and send him your questions.

To be honest, as it is a platform that only has a means to solve doubts, it may take a few hours to respond.

In this Infinity scalper review it is important to be aware that customer service will always be an important part of any platform that helps you trade in your career.

Infinity scalper clients and reviews

Through the web you can find different types of comments.

All the reviews and comments you will find are mostly good and decent.

Even on its official page you can find email captures from different users satisfied with the Infinity scalper service.

In general, according to reviews, this is a good indicator that gives what it promises, manages to gather good quality signals and give its users a complete service that facilitates commerce in its entirety.

Infinity Scalper: how it works

It is important to know how a tool works. Through this small section of our Infinity scalper review we will discover how it works.

Infinity scalper offers a range of features with which the trader can identify the correct signals. Based on that, the trader will be able to carry out profitable trades.

On the platform that you will install you will find, on the one hand, the negotiation tools, with which you will have access to a series of tools which are necessary to determine which operations are profitable.

On the other hand, you will also have the Infinity Scalper Pattern Recognizer, which has the main function of recognizing the patterns of candles and consequently, they will be sent to your email or mobile phone. Infinity Scalper Tactics is a summary manual that explains the variations that this indicator can present.

Infinity scalper features

Once you download the program you will have access to the following features.

  • User manual, step by step in PDF format.
  • Revelation of secret commercial algorithm.
  • “Infinity Scalper” indicator
  • You can have examples of live action trading
  • And of course, most importantly, lifetime email customer support


In this Infinity scalper review it is important to highlight all the benefits of the software.

  • Easy to use, it is not necessary to be an expert.
  • Safe and fast commercial solution.
  • It works with any platform or broker you work with.
  • Combination of indicators that work together.
  • You can generate up to 285+ pips of profit daily.
  • Sound alert by email about when to trade.
  • Mobile alerts.
  • “Optimal output” function
  • Signals that are not repeated.
  • You can save time when trading and in your daily life.


The cons of using this program are usually the most common in all types of indicators.

For example, sometimes the speed or fluidity of the program can be slow, so you have to have some patience.

On the other hand, the time it takes to respond can be a problem for some people.

But overall, there is not much to complain about. You will only find details that do not seriously affect your business on a daily basis.

Infinity scalper review summary

The Infinity Scalper indicator is a Karl Dittman design. Karl wanted to create an indicator that would give the trader everything they need to make their daily trading easier and also have more benefits and earnings.

Karl has a lot of knowledge in the Forex market and in this way, he was able to create such software in short, he is a hero of the market.

Try it for yourself!

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