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Hi and welcome to our forex blog! GBP / USD signals are used around the world by different traders interested in trading that currency pair. Below we will tell you a little about this pair and its operation, as well as where you can get the best providers for GBP / USD.

What is the GBP/USD Pair?

The GBP / USD correspond to the abbreviation to refer to the British pound and the US dollar. This currency pair tells the reader the amount of US dollars needed to buy a British pound, which works as the base currency.

The name of this currency pair is “Cable”. Incredibly GBP / USD is one of the five most highly traded currency pairs in the world.

Benefits of GBP / USD trading

Millions of people have made the decision to trade this pair, so in case you are not totally convinced of it, we bring you some points to keep in mind when it comes to trading.

  • Volatility: with this pair you will often find a much wider price range. The reason is its high unpredictability and volatility.
  • Many commercial vehicles: This pair is one of the liquidity currency pairs with the highest liquidity. Not for nothing is it one of the most traded currency pairs.  This is also because it consists of around 14% of the total daily trading volume. This implies that there is a range of commercial vehicles and opportunities that will be presented to traders on a daily basis.
  • Maneuverability: By trading GBP / USD you will be able to pip high with just one move, which is probably difficult to do with other pairs. Although this implies that stop loss is used.
  • Relative security: This pair also offers multiple resources that you can use to find information and also price data.
  •  Availability of resources: This pair is easy to analyze as it has a history of charts, and many long-term charts and 1-minute data.

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Influences on the movement of the GBP / USD pair

The most influential circumstances in the market at the moment with respect to the pair, are the following:

  •  Political events: for example, due to Brexit decisions movements can be triggered in regards to the GBP / USD currency pairing.
  •   Monetary policy: In general, Fed and Bank of England actions can directly influence GBP / USD rates and movement. This is why you always remember that keeping an eye out for economic announcements and important decisions should become a trader’s habit if you trade this pair.
  •   Economic growth: seeing that the economy of the United States is stronger than that of the United Kingdom, it is normal for the dollar to rise against the pound. However, the opposite may occur, when the UK economy outperforms the United States, then the dollar weakens.


GBP / USD has a negative correlation with the USD / CHF and on the contrary, it has a positive correlation with the EUR / USD pair.  This happens because the euro has a positive correlation with the Swiss franc and the British pound.

GBP / USD signal providers

Finding the best provider will help your path and career as traders be much more bearable. So below you will find different providers that can help you while you trade the GBP / USD.


Joel Kruger is the name of the founder of this forex signal provider. These trades can be received through Telegram Forex Signals or mail and they can be of any pair, including GBP / USD. In addition, this provider not only focuses on professional traders but also has material for beginners.

Its services are divided into different parts, which are:

  •  Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis.
  •   Psychology of the operator.
  •  Dashboard analysis
  •  Commercial magazine.
  •  Bank reports.

All this information can be obtained along with the signal of your preference. It also has two paid plans, one for $ 30 and one for $ 45 a month. Both include fundamental and technical analysis reports and daily bank reports. For the most expensive plan, you also get personalized attention and an export trade history.

Daily Forex

. With more than half a million monthly visitors, this signal provider represents one of the sites with the happier users when it comes to forex signals.

Not only does it offer you good quality signals for free, but these signals are accompanied by helpful technical and fundamental analyzes.

It also has a panel of opinions in which professional traders give you their predictions regarding the pair that you are trading at the moment.

It also offers signals not only for currency pairs such as GBP / USD but also for Bitcoin and altcoins. You will have freely available entry, exit and stop loss prices. In short, one of the best sites on the market, 100% reliable. You can also get live forex signals without registration.


This provider owes its name to the digital markets it manages in total.

Its currency pair trading signals and alert services has been provided by them since 2014, and they are part of a highly respected group of providers due to their transparency and accountability.By joining any of their plans at the beginning you get a 10% discount. They also provide performance reports for different dates.

Their signals at the same time are accompanied by commercial analysis and shared by email.

In regards to their prices, these start from $ 74.40 per month, if we talk about the cheapest plan. It is perfect for getting GBP / USD signals and above all, beginner friendly.


It has undoubtedly become one of the main trading signal resources used by traders today, including the ones that trader GBP/USD.

Its prices are affordable and the quality of its signals is impeccable.

There are signals to copy, coming from different retail traders. All this in real time.

Normally the users who provide their signals are rated by others, so you should trust the opinion of other traders, who for obvious reasons must have a verified MLQ5 account.

Here you can also filter the numerous operators either by maximum reduction or also, the net profit. Everything is apart from the service, it is totally free, but in case you want to receive individual signals, you must for a monthly fee between $ 20- $ 50, depending on the trader you use.

Summary GBP USD Signals

By making use of the GBP / USD  signals you will be able to facilitate your trade and thus obtain much more profit.

Profiting from signals is an easy task, as long as you have the perfect provider.

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