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Welcome on our forex website. In this FXLifeStyle review we will learn a little about this platform, which gives a lot to talk about.

Who is behind FXlifestyle?

Fxlifestyle is a highly controversial signal provider on the market. Its founder is a 23-year-old YouTuber who claims to have become a millionaire within six years of Forex trading. Because of this, the FXLifestyle platform is vibrant youthful, yet the fact that its founder’s name is not a verified name on the market remains highly suspect.

For who are these Forex signals?

FxLifeStyle is a platform that offers packages to provide Forex Signals in Telegram, aimed mainly at professional forex traders, although it is well known that beginning traders are welcome to make use of the platform.

Here you can study the ways in which you can use signals as your first and greatest advantage.

How does FXlife style work?

Although it took a long time in the research process to carry out this review of FXlife style due to the little information that exists about said signal provider, it is important to emphasize the correct way in which it should be used. As we already know, FxLifeStyle claims that its objective is that its change generator system makes the forex trading path a path without so many complications.

This is useful especially nowadays because Competition in the Forex market is quite rough as time passes.

To make you feel more comfortable and with more power in what you do, we will give you a series of steps to follow for the good use of FXlife style.

-Choose your trades: This first step can be a bit complicated for beginners of the Forex world, since many hesitate when making their decision. The doubt that arises is born from the fear of making mistakes. For this reason, it is extremely important that before using any tool in Forex, you have a prior knowledge of what is going to be executed. You can also search for the Best Forex Indicator online.

-The trader must analyze the market: This also requires prior knowledge. With what you have previously learned in an academy, you will have more ability to see through all the exchanges that are made. In addition FXlife style promises professional advice regarding market analysis.

-Receive the signals through the platform and analyze them.

-Buy and sell: most of the trader’s performance will depend on this action, of course the signals provided by a signal provider help make this last step extremely easy.

fxlifestyle scam

FXlifestyle package and affiliate program

FXlifestyle has a single 1-year package. In the platform’s FAQ we could find a couple of answers about the package for this FXlifestyle review.

This package costs $ 189.99 per year. Thereafter receiving 4 to 5 signals per day. Commissions are also charged from each transaction. On this platform you will also find an affiliate program. It is assumed that 5.00% will be paid for each sale made by another trader affiliated with the one-year package.

The commissions received will be received in 2 weeks. Your commission will be received in your PayPal or Skrill account. At the same time the FXlifestyle platform will give you an affiliate ID and also a link that you can place on your website and share it with others.

Forex course and trading academy

On this platform you will also find certain courses available to learn the basics of forex and start trading in this same market. There are workshops on exact strategies that have been made by other dubious traders. It also teaches that you will learn to retire in 48 days and supposedly learn to make a profit in 24 hours (which is little difficult).

Fxlifestyle customer support

FXlifestyle customer service is a bit lacking. On his platform he talks that it works 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and that you can contact the traders who handle customer service through their email. Despite saying that, there are testimonies that it can take several days to answer and may not even answer at all.

In the process of making this Fxlifestyle review, we wrote to the customer service team and have so far received no response. What is certain is that it is available in several languages, such as Spanish and English.

fxlifestyle real or not

Fxlifestyle comments and reviews

In this part the platform falls into the hands of the comments of its clients and their experiences and most are bad reviews. Many people talk that this platform is a sham and that all they offer is lies.

Several users talk about how the signals are false or ineffective most of the time. They also doubt the veracity of the story of its founder, who “shouts to the four winds” that he is a millionaire and that you too could become a millionaire in a very short time.

When it comes to reviews, 80 percent of web portal reviews on this signal provider are negative and talk about it being a scam, especially for the attitude of its founder.

On YouTube there are certain experiences of traders who have worked with this platform, however, the positive ones seem very false and acted. FXlyfestyle has a lot of fabric to cut and needs a deep study from each trader.


  • Affordable and economic, on this platform you will not find a product that is not economic and that any trader can buy.
  • Annual membership is very cheap and can be easily paid by any trader.
  • It has an easy to understand and well presented structure. It is easy for the trader to know the way in which it is composed and the way in which it is used.
  • It can be used not only by pro traders but also by beginner traders. It can work for both
  • Once the trader has paid for your membership, you will no longer have to pay additional fees.
  • Your group of traders will be able to learn how to trade.
  • There is a very promising affiliate program of course.


  • This platform is only available online, this is obviously a problem for people who do not have internet access 24 hours a day.
  • Customer service is inefficient and cheap.
  • It is unreliable for traders since they do not have good references.

FXlifestyle Review Conclusion

In this Fxlifestyle review we can see that his confidence level is questionable and that he does not inspire much confidence for his traders.

Each trader will be able to verify it for itself, but it is always recommended that if you don’t fully trust a platform,then don’t invest your capital on it.

fxlifestyle review

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