FX hunter wealth review

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Welcome once again to another review on our best signals for forex blog, this time we have the FX Hunter Wealth review.

We are going to take a look at all these services offered by this platform, in this way you can decipher if it is the ideal platform for you.

What is FX Hunter Wealth Review?

FX Hunter Wealth is a company or platform created in 2018 focused on trading Forex signals, looking to educate and inform beginners and professionals traders about the market and trading.

FX Hunter Wealth is a new service signal provider, where traders can join a telegram group where they’ll receive the education they need for free, analysis and daily updates. In the group, all traders will be provided with complete management steps, that are updated while traders are active. This means that everybody can learn while trading.

fx hunter wealth review

Who is behind FX Hunter Wealth?

It’s always important to know who is behind signals providers, in this FX Hunter Wealth Review won’t be any different. Here we will tell you the creator and if there’s a team that works for this company. The creator of this platform is called Dave FX Hunter, he has developed a strategy based on volume, COT, market liquidity and market manipulations. He is a sole proprietor with 7 years of experience in Forex Trading. His location and its team are unknown. But we do know that he has a lot of knowledge. He has finished in top 10 in multiple competitions like:

  • 1st place in Forex Factory competition.
  • 9th place in MQL5 competition.
  • Top author on Tradingview.

For who are the services of FX Hunter Wealth?

This platform is made for people who don’t know a lot about the market and Forex Trading. Traders get to receive management steps and charts with deeper explanations for them to understand, they can learn while they earn. Most of the customers understand this approach and the complete market analysis process after a few months.

FX Hunter Weatlh prices and packages

Here in this FX Hunter Wealth review you’ll get to know the prices and packages of this platform if you’re interested in using it. They count with two types of packages that have different prices, said packages are the following:


You can use a two-month testing period for only €90, with this you can see how’s the work in FX hunter and get used to follow trades with risk a management. After that you can continue monthly by paying €70. Testing periods can only be used once.


In this package, you can get access to features from monthly +15 institutional swing midterms trades with stop and target levels, risk calculations, CFTC banks positions reports and guided trading. Safe € 250 and get monthly for average around €60 monthly.

Once you choose the package that works bests for you, the Forex Telegram signals are send via private telegram channel. You will receive an email invitation in 24 hours after paying the membership you’re going to use.

They recommend using the next broker: IC Market, it’s currently the most transparent, fair and honest company. They offer fast deposits and withdrawals with most used methods.

FX Hunter Wealth customer support

If traders want to make a complaint or simply ask questions about anything, there are two methods available. The one that is used the most contact form at the end of their page, where traders can fill it up with their information and the message they want to send, or you can them via email address.

FX Hunter Wealth client’s experiences

We’ve seen feedback from different customers, in this FX Hunter Wealth Review we’re going to let you know about a few of them. Traders have said different things about this platform, both good and bad, but mostly good. They’ve given at least 4 out of 5 start rating, stating that the service has worked pretty well since the moment they started using it.

But other traders have told that from the moment they started using the signal provider, it didn’t work very well and they had a lot of loss instead of earnings. Putting that aside, there are more good reviews and feedback from clients than bad ones. BTW if you are more a manual forex trader you can search for the best metatrader indicators out there!

FX Hunter Wealth pros and cons


  • Myfxbook results.
  • Notifications through Telegram and email address.
  •  Offers customer support using a contact form in their page and email address.
  • Social media accounts that offers updated information.
  • Two different packages with accessible prices.
  • Signals guide.
  • Managed account service
  • Offer discount on the 2 month testing period by only paying €90 instead €140 normal price. And on the yearly membership they offer a discount of €399 instead €499.


  • High prices on their packages.
  • No strategy insight.
  • Don’t offer 100% success rate.
  • Poor support.
  • Not willing to answer questions.

FX Hunter Wealth Review summary

To end this FX Hunter Wealth review, we can say that this Forex signal provider is really well constructed, that offers different types of packages and education while earning, this signal service is very impressive at first, but the prices can be a little bit overboard for a lot of people. From what we’ve read, if you want to get into the market and specifically Forex trading, this platform will help and guide you through every step to get to the place you want to be.

The creator of this site is very professional and has a lot of experience on the subject so that tells us that he knows what he’s doing and has a lot of proof of that, even though it doesn’t state anywhere if he has a team that works for him or not.

In terms of monthly success, the service had three negative months but also had three positive months, but that doesn’t mean you should get discouraged, because it won’t be like that all the time. Dave FX Hunter has a great dedication to his platform and the way it works, he watches charts many hours a day to get a better sense of the market and put it on practice on his platform. We strongly recommend this signal provider.

We hope this FX Hunter wealth review helped you in your journey.

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