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Welcome to this FX Blue review on our best signals for forex website! This time we will take a look to this platform.

Finding good reviews for the different tools you are looking for must be an everyday task. To find the best you must try your best.

What is FX Blue?

FX Blue is a free analysis platform that allows traders to analyze their own trading strategy, identify trading habits, and verify that certain movements or decisions are being made correctly.

FX Blue has been in the industry for a little over a decade, meaning they have a lot of experience. The FX Blue company, noted while doing the FXBlue review, which retains the objective with which it started more than a decade ago. This analytical service also works to analyze trades with more detailed charts and other pretty professional features.

Who is behind FX Blue?

The founders of this platform are unknown, there is no personal information about the people who make up this group. Although the truth is not something relevant enough because it is a free platform.

Although you must remember that it is always an advantage to have more in-depth information on the platform that you are going to use to improve your operations in the market. In this FX Blue review you are going to learn a little bit more about the other aspects of the platform.

For who are the FXblue services?

This platform aims to provide an analytical service. This means that it is aimed at merchants who want to analyze their operations using certain more detailed charts and some other professional-style features. They will also have the opportunity to share them with the FXblue community if they so choose.

Above all, it is aimed at traders who do not have much money to pay for services like these. This is why this FXblue review is so important.

Fx Blue packages and prices

As previously specified, absolutely all FXblue services are completely free. It is important that you know this in the case of an intermediary who wants to receive some or some kind of payment from you. Many times free services are underestimated just for the fact that it is a platform that does not require any monetary income, however it is important that you do not be fooled.

There are even free services that are much better than paid services, since you also don’t risk losing any investment.

Fx Blue services

FX Blue is a platform that stands out for its varied features.

In FX Blue review you can find a total of 36 individual applications. Of these 36, 29 are tools related to commerce and the other 9 tools for developers.

Through our research for this FXblue review, we found two must-have tools.

  • Professional charts and indicators: with this you can influence positively on the progress of traders through advanced charts. Some brokers even come with the included FXblue services.
  • Commercial copier: This is an important part of the FX Blue services. From this each trader will be able to analyze their own performance metrics including advanced charts.

Among other applications you will find FX Blue Personal Trade Copier which is a kind of coach that guides you. It can function as a replacement for signal provider.

FX Blue customer support

On the FX Blue platform, you can communicate with its moderators through a form that you must fill out with your data and you must specify what problems you want to solve or what doubts you have.

They are usually quick to respond.

You can also communicate with them through the broker you are using or any platform through which you use FX Blue. Since this is an easy platform to use you will have no problems with knowing what to do.

However, having good customer service is extremely important as this will give you assurance that no matter if something goes wrong you will always have help. Regardless of whether it is a paid or free service.

FX Blue client’s experiences and reviews

FX Blue is very famous because it has many good reviews. Each client has a different experience with each product they use, however, this platform has experienced a warm welcome from all its users.

Most of them say that their experience was light, pleasant and easy, that they had no problems using the services of this platform, which becomes an advantage of this group of services.

You may even find some people to replace certain tools they used only to make full use of the FX Blue platform. For example, they use the copy tool to replace their signal provider or change the strategy from there.

It is always important to be aware of the reviews of other websites and other users of the services we plan to use, because there is no better advice than that of a person who has already used this platform. You can be safe in this FX Blue review since we are just bringing the best.


This server has various benefits for the current trader.

  • This is a totally free platform, anti-scams.
  • It is very popular in the market and even many brokers include it among their additional services
  • It has many additional tools to which you have full access without any restrictions.
  • You will find a transparent operating model which is integrated with most of the main trading platforms.
  • It has a useful FAQ section visible to everyone.
  • You will find a trading simulator for MT4
  • Use of real time charts


  • The truth is that many traders prefer the precision of other tools, for example in the aspect of Forex Telegram signals.
  • You might find it a little annoying that all the tools are separate and a little messy on the platform.

FX Blue review summary

FX Blue has been in the industry since 2009, making it a fairly experienced platform.

The range of services offered by FX Blue are of excellent quality and very varied, in short, the trader will feel that he has it all.

They also tend to reinvent themselves over the years by adding more functional tools. Its growth deserves an FX Blue review positive enough to convince you to join it. Join Now!

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