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Welcome in this Review Article on our forex website! The company was born in 2012 from the merchant Nick McDonald, who before the creation of said company was only a relatively new merchant in the industry. He was inspired by what he thought was a lack of support resources for traders.

This company has always aimed to create a support network based on the needs of the forex trading community, also wanting to impart knowledge is one of its greatest slogans.

The work team behind has managed to expand beyond the initial trading room and has begun to share ideas and strategies, thus becoming one of the main centers of knowledge and learning in the Forex industry.

Since nick created this trading room he has worked hard and developed it to a point where today it has more than 40,000 members. It also has a YouTube channel of 147 thousand subscribers, which is impressive.

For who are these Forex signals?

The forex signals provided by are a group of perfect support signals for professionals and market beginners. gives everything you need to the screen of your cell phone or computer. A beginner could easily understand it and a professional trader would be more than satisfied with these signals. Packages offers two types of price packages which have an abysmal difference in price.

– Monthly package: it is priced at $ 97 per month. Here you can access the educational tools found on the platform. Also at the daily live trading sessions. On the other hand you can also have live global news. Finally a series of trading tools that help you in your day to day

-Annual package: this one is priced at $ 249, which at first instance shows us that there is a big price difference. Paying the annual package would save you a lot. This annual package includes all the features of the monthly package. In addition to these characteristics, it also provides personal trade feedback from professional traders and a trading session with Andrew Lockwood.

forexsignals review customer support customer support is solid and consistent. At you can find a live chat available on the website. This chat is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. You can also find a support through email, this is available all day every day.

You will be attended by professionals in the market who are very friendly and will know how to solve your doubts. They will also attend you in different languages, among which is Spanish, English and Arabic. They also kindly explain to you what the refund terms are, here the company has a period of 7 days after paying the membership.

Free educational videos

This option is very important and brings many benefits to the trader. Here you will have a service full of courses available, through which you can improve your strategies and your understanding of the market in general.

At you will find a library of educational videos for your personal use. The videos are for both professionals and beginners. On your YouTube channel you can also find some totally free educational videos.

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In the academy you will have 12 modules that are taught by two professional traders. The modules are:

– Fundamentals

– The “Aha” moment

– Bare swing trade

– Powered scalping

– Workshops and questions and answers

In the case of the fundamentals module, the trader will see the basic concepts of what the Forex market is and how to turn it into a profitable business. When you go to the second module, you will go deeper into how to manage risk.

After finishing the first phase of the academy, you will enter the second phase in which you will see the following modules:

– Setting the stage

– Treat it like a business

– Business Essentials

– Let’s be technical

– Analysis techniques

– Traders technical toolbox

– Workshops and questions and answers

Aditional features

Once you pay your membership and choose your package, you will have access to different features that will benefit you. You can enjoy the live trading sessions of professional traders on the platform, this way you learn. You will also have access to professional business tools.

And as you read previously there is the trade academy where you will have access to the videos. You will also have the opportunity to educate yourself with comments and advice from professionals. You will also have economic calendars.

 $1,500 contest

This is a monthly contest in which the top 3 operators are given $ 1500. For these three operators to be chosen, the amount of pips and the money they earn monthly are taken into account. They must also follow strict money management and be able to show their ability to keep their withdrawals very low. This implies a motivation for traders, since in addition to their personal goals they may have additional goals, which are achieved through their dedication. Here you will be able to find other platforms that offer different contest for traders!

Can you earn a lot of money if you work with them?

It is important to understand that this will depend on whether the trader is expecting to use management and learning, also if he plans to spend a lot of time investing to master his trade and thus be able to use the correct way signals. Which leads us to the scenario where you will not earn much money this would happen if you enter expecting to be profitable as soon as you start working and receiving the signals. Therefore this platform provides you with the services and the community and your job is to make good use of them. On our Forex Signals Telegram page you can find other Forex signal services but this one will certainly have his place there. clients review It has a large number of positive reviews and good feedback from its users. In addition, usually responds to the comments of its clients on the platform and negative comments invites them to resolve their doubts and inconveniences with the staff. is characterized by its honesty and the good work they do, in addition to being a group of traders responsible for the signals they provide to their clients.


-It offers you a complete offer of one year with an incredible price.

-You have access to their educational courses in depth.

– Access to professional commercial tools.

– Sources of professional guidance.

-Rewards and bonuses.

-7-day demo trial.

-Excellent customer service.


– Most of the courses offered in the academy for traders are directed more towards the field of novice or intermediate level traders, very few courses have topics related to the area of ​​professionals.

– The monthly rate is quite expensive compared to the annual rate. Despite the fact that this is a sales strategy, many customers have complained about it.

-There is some pressure to join the brokers associated with the plan of an alo since the trader who pays the monthly fee is deprived of access to necessary features. scam review conclusion

The reason this company gets so much trust from its clients and the forex community is because they are from the most sincere companies. does not promise a 90% profit rate or the opportunity to make wealth in the blink of an eye. Instead, it offers the opportunity to develop in this world, gain experience and with it the opportunity that with effort, you can achieve a lot of your goals.So like you can read in our review article we can confirm that this is a really professional source!

The company’s main operators share 2-3 signals per week via email. And while they do not provide a record of wins or losses, they are still quite comprehensive. It is definitely a signal provider that should be on your list!

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