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Welcome to this Forex Trendy Review on this best signals for forex website. This time we will talk a little bit about this product, how it works, pros and cons, everything you should know!

Through this review you will discover if this is just what you need or if you will choose to use another platform.

What is Forex Trendy?

Forex Trendy is a software solution to avoid trading during uncertain market periods. Instead, it will offer you the option of the trend of the best currency pair at the current time. It does not use indicators, and the trend is determined by pure price action.

This software quickly scans 34 currency pairs in all time frames, from minutes to monthly. Forex Trendy analyzes all charts for you every second! In this way, traders will get the best trends, the best currency pair and the best time frame at the time they want.

The software runs on powerful computers so they instantly get the result online. So they can use the platform of their choice, such as MetaTrader, NinjaTrader and TradeStation, there is nothing to download or install, it is very easy to use. So keep reading to find out if this is the best forex robot or not!

Who is behind Forex Trendy?

We think it’s really important to know who is behind these products, in this Forex Trendy Review we’re going to look for any information available for our readers. After doing some proper research, unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information about who created this scanner.

All we know is that the name of this software is Forex Trendy. We do think this a downside because although this isn’t a robot that it’s going to make traders earn money, it does help them to understand patterns and the Forex market, even when market conditions are rough. The fact there’s no information available about the developers can drive clients away.

For who are the services of Forex Trendy?

Since this software was built for scanning currency pairs and tell traders which one is trading in the market, we can say that everybody looking to get into forex exchange and trading, should use this.

This way they can assists you in what decisions to make instead of just throwing money away. Beginners and professional traders can use it and receive alerts that the software sends through email or text message about what currency pair is trading the strongest.

Forex Trendy prices and packages

In this Forex Trendy Review, we’re going to talk about the price and packages the developers to purchase this software.

In this case, there’s only one package, and it’s has a value of $37 quarterly, which means $3 per weak or 60 cents per day. It comes with live charts of emerging patterns, audible and email alerts, and just in case, the chart pattern recognition is included in the software without cost. Developers run the membership payment and manage services through ClickBank, in addition, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. All of it is managed by Clickbank. Clients can count that they’ll get their get a refund when needed because is managed by a large industry in membership and management services.

Forex Trendy customer support

It’s inevitable that clients at some point will have a complaint or questions to make. Sadly, subscribers have said that the support it’s very poorly, meaning that they don’t offer a live chat, phone number or even a FAQ section on the official website.

All of it is a common thing developer offer when they give a service. Clients can contact them by filling up an email contact form on the section ‘’contact’’ that is located at the end of the site, and they’ll response at their convenience.

Client’s experiences

We’ve seen little feedback from different customers, in this Forex Trendy Review we’re going to look through various comments of what clients have said about this product. There are both good and bad comments about the software, and we read them on a website that it wasn’t the official one. Now, the fact that there isn’t any feedback on the website of Forex Trendy makes us think that’s a little shady. Apart from that, we’ve read that the indicator have worked pretty well for a good amount of traders, stating that they got their signals when needed, giving it at least a 3 out of 5 star rating. We recommend traders to go and judge on their own after getting the information they need to purchase this product, only if they feel secure and comfortable enough for it.

pros and cons


  • Clients are able to use Forex Trendy on any Forex trading platform.
  • They offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • It has a low price, which makes it accessible for beginners.
  • Audible and email alerts that can assure clients to not be on the computer all the time checking up the market.


  • No information about the creators behind the product.
  • Very poorly customer support.
  • This product doesn’t offer an education program to help beginners about the basics of the market.

Forex Trendy Review summary

We’re at the end of this Forex Trendy Review, and we consider that this indicator it’s well constructed. The fact that it can be used by anybody it’s an excellent aspect.

This indicator claims that it can provide great results with a 90% of accuracy to clients, but this won’t be the case for everybody that use it and it won’t be all the time. Even though the rates of the software it’s not as high as they claim it to be, it still gets good feedback from a variety of customers and there’s hundreds of traders that are purchasing the indicator to get the experience and judge on their own. It has a lot of good aspects that gives confidence to traders like the software, that scans 34 currency pairs.

It is important to know that they keep the forex trader updated about every change that happens in the Forex market, and they’ll get an alert via email or even through a text message. We think that the developers need to improve a lot more the official website because there isn’t any information about them, no other ways to contact them and they don’t show results from clients.

Overall, we think it’s a good service that has been on the market for about five years now, but we also think they need to work better on the information they offer in order to attract more clients.

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