Forex trend detector review

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Welcome to this Forex Trend Detector Review on this best signals for forex blog. This time we will talk a little bit about this platform, benefits, pros and cons, and everything you need to know!

We are going to find out if it is the right platform for you to include in your day to day as a trader.

What is Forex Trend Detector?

Forex Trend Detector is an automated Expert Advisor created by a group of professional traders. It has successfully made unlimited profits a lot of times. The algorithm has been tested many times so developers can assure their clients that this product will give them everything they need to work on the market and on stock exchange.

Forex Trend Detector uses an algorithm that adjusts system parameters in real time. You can easily set it up in minutes, easy to activate. Basically this EA is user-friendly, it means that also beginners (that have at least a good amount of knowledge on the market and trading), can use it and earn money from it.

The biggest advantage of Forex Trend Detector: continuously adapting to the market, that is why this Forex robot has been profitable for years. Forex Trend Detector EA can work only with the EURUSD currency pair.

The Forex Trend Detector EA stays on and operational 24/7 looking for profitable trading opportunities during night sessions and attacks when profit is expected. So unless you turn it off, you won’t miss out on a single lucrative exchange option. It also works with any MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 broker.

Who is behind Forex Trend Detector?

For clients, it’s important to know who is the creator of this automated EA, in this Forex Trend Detector Review we’re going to tell you all about it. This automated robot was created by professional traders of the FXAutomater team, the Forex Trend Detector Expert Advisor was designed with the guidance of one of the most respected fund managers in the industry with over 15 years of active trading experience. There isn’t any specific information about those fund managers, it’s important that it’s clarified that the developers are professional traders.

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For who are the services of Forex Trend Detector?

This robot is made for any person that is looking to get into the world of Forex trading and stock exchange. It’s made for beginners and traders that already have experience, even though this bot is built to help anyone that wants to use it.

It’s recommended that beginners should have at least a lot of knowledge about trading, Forex, the market, etc, in that way when they start using the bot, they won’t feel so lost.  This product is also targeted to professional traders and money managers. They are using different indicators but one off them is a trend strength indicator mt4.

Forex Trend Detector prices and packages

Here in this Forex Trend Detector Review you’ll get to know the prices and packages of this Expert Advisor if you’re interested in purchasing.

The minimum balance to start is $1000 or 1000 cents USD ($10). Traders would think that this robot has very high price compared to other EAs, but thankfully that’s not it. This product is one of the most affordable out there, with a price of $297, offering one live account and two demo accounts. These demo accounts are very useful, traders can use them so they can test out the bot and see if it’s what they want before jumping into a live account. The developers of this EA have regular promotions, the lowest price that the software has been is $207, and they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

All of this make traders feel more comfortable when they purchase.

Forex Trend detector customer support

When traders want to make a complaint or ask questions about the bot, software or any information related to the product, there’s two ways they can have a solution to their problems. One, there’s a FAQ section on the official website of the robot and two, there’s the ‘’contact us’’ section, where they put a contact form for traders.

All they need to do is fill it up with the information required and the message they want to send, and they will get an answer as soon as possible.

Forex trend detector client’s experiences

There’s different comments and feedback about the EA from different clients, in this Forex Trend Detector Review we’re going to let traders know about what people have said about this product. Most of these comments people said are both good and bad, mostly there’s quite a few good comments, only a couple of people have a bad statement on the robot’s performance and results. A few clients have said that they had to wait for at least two weeks until the bot catches a trade and it turned out unsuccessful. Other have said that since the moment they started using it, it had a good performance and results as well.

Of course, it’s important to clarify that experiences can be different for everybody. At least there’s a common thing on the feedback: clients said that the customer support was excellent and did get a refund when they wanted it.

Forex trend detector pros and cons


  • The EA is 100% automated.
  • They offer 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Doesn’t have complex adjustments.
  • Really good software for beginners, professional traders and money managers.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Low prices.


  • It works with 2 currency pairs.
  • Drawdown percentage is high, so that can be alarming.

Forex Trend detector Review summary

To end this Forex Trend Detector review, we can say that this product is very well made and by a team of professionals that have worked with others EAs like Wall Street Forex Robot, which is why Forex Trend Detector is treated with respect. From what we’ve read, this robot has so many excellent aspects and also provides clients with an excellent software so they can feel safe and secure when trading.

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