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Forex Signals Telegram 2020

You can earn good money Trading Forex. But you can also LOSE money if you follow the wrong Forex Signals. In the table below you can discover which is the best Forex Signal Service so far. There are many ways in forex to earn money. Forex signals is just like EA robot forex an interesting way to do this.

Checkout our Table below with the Best Forex Robots that we have been testing and using ourselves.


Instant Access to Lux Algo V2 on Tradingview(Non-Repaint Signals)


More then 12 Months Reports + Real Community


EZ Tripple Dots FX Trading System: Premium Price Action Base Trading System. Works on ALL Pairs!


4 hour and Daily Charts only


Pipbreaker Indicator works on most timeframes and very Accurate

Range Band Indicator for MT4 & MT5

Forex signals Telegram represent a great advantage and help for the current trader. The forex telegram signals represent a group of these Forex signals, which as the name implies, the provider gives you the signals through Telegram.

Below we will give you a review of what you knew and what you did not know about Forex telegram signals.

What are Forex Signals Telegram?

Forex signals are those recommendations given by professional traders, about what path or decision you should take in regards to a trade.

We can also find that there are two types of signs provided. Signs that require an advance deposit, given by professionals or bots. And on the other side are the free selames, which may well come from the hands of a professional trader or an algorithm. Forex signals are aimed at any group of traders interested in them, both professionals and beginners.

Telegram and Forex telegram signals

Since forex signals are presented to the trader in a small text format, the provider can send them by almost any reliable means.

The means that are usually most used are email and Telegram, telegram being our focus this time.

The Forex signals that are delivered through email, are very popular these days. However, Forex telegram signals offer us so much more benefits than expected.

  •  Through Telegram you can be in contact with your loved ones while you work.
  • Unlike email, Telegram sends you constant notifications. Therefore, you can use the signals at the right time and in the right way, since you can read them and act immediately.
  •  The Telegram platform is friendly and simple, it works like a simple chat.
  •  Through Telegram you can better organize the groups of free and paid telegram.
  • Telegram chat is protected by encryption, this makes your communication with the provider much more secure. Telegram signals abound more than email signals, so you will have a choice.
  •  With telegram you can have personal security, having the opportunity to hide your phone number and only provide a user as a reference.

Choosing a good Forex telegram signals provider

To choose a good provider of telegram forex signals, you should have a kind of prior knowledge when it comes to “red flags”of the currency market.As we have said on previous occasions, a good signal provider will include the following aspects:

  • Stop losses
  • Action: wheter you should sell or to buy the currency.
  • Type of currency specified.
  • Analysis of the signal
  • Status of the signal

If you have all the interior aspects, you should also do a little research yourself. For example, you should perform a search on the forex signal ranking, this way you could set your alarms on if you are not in those rankings.

There are also several sites that compare signal providers to each other. Using these sites could help you choose what suits your needs. Most signal providers also offer free or very low-cost trials, so you could try temporarily.

Forex telegram signals providers to use!

Well, since you know something about these signals, it is time to look for some forex telegram signals that can help you and are totally reliable.

1000pip builder:

  • This provider is very trustworthy and its charismatic founder is well known in terms of signals in the Forex world and has a decade of experience. This provider will help you know when you enter or exit a position of a specific currency.

With this provider, the analyst checks the signals before they reach your hands. It also has a very complete question and answer section. Your plans will depend on the signals you want to receive.

Zero to Hero.

This is a site of Forex signals through telegram that is based in the United Kingdom and is operated by professional traders.

This site offers forex signals in exchange for a monthly subscription of $ 97 per month. It also has a 7-day free trial. The Zero to hero provider is perfect for traders to have immediate access to the market. It is available to traders in any time zone.

Forex FX Jet Pack Signals:

  • This signal provider offers up to 10 signals per day for all currencies in the Forex market. You will be able to receive these signals monthly for a subscription of $ 97.

In addition to that, they offer training to use Forex signals correctly, this is extremely important in providers. There are many traders who do exactly what the signals tell them, without questioning them in any way, therefore, Forex FX Jet pack teaches you what are the steps to follow with any provider. Forex FX Jet pack has 24/7 customer service via email.

You will receive their signals through their telegram group. It is important to clarify that they are very transparent with their operations, since they show the gains and losses in the test sentence.


When it comes to the Forex MT4 platform, it has a few preferred providers, and this is one of them. Here you will find Forex signals, expert advisors and indicators. With this platform you will not only be able to receive signals, but you will also be able to make a supplier.

Its price varies from $ 20- $ 50, depending on the package.   The frequency of the signals will depend on what the trader does. Each and every one of the signs are verified.


This provider is considered one of the most famous and safest Forex telegram signals on the market. They provide an in-depth market analysis, provided by its founder, a Forex veteran named Joel Kruger.

The signals from this provider allow its users to feel safe following their directions, since they are quite right a large percentage of the time. They are a very transparent platform with their results and performance, so much so that in their history they reflect a full year of losses.

In terms of price, it ranges from $ 30 to $ 45 per month.

Summary Forex Signals Telegram

Using forex telegram signals becomes a good way to manage your investments and understand how the market works. In addition, choosing the signals that are given through Forex, gives you a closeness to the market and also a better way to hit your trades. Don’t miss out on being a better trader!