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Welcome again to the best signals for forex website! Premium Forex signals are those signals for ehich you pay and in return you get great quality services.

The forex signals themselves are a kind of robot that is there to tell you exactly what to do, the only thing that does not happen is that it does not execute the operations for you, but come on, that you can do it yourself.

Professional traders are usually the main providers of any type of signal, since in theory they are the most capable for it. Therefore, the owners of signal forex services are usually these traders, but you should always be careful when choosing a provider, because just as there are traders who want to help you, there are many who only want to earn money from their scams. Therefore, when choosing a supplier, it must be well studied and you must trust the best sources.

And of course, the best sources are us. Let’s go for it.

1000pip Builder

Let’s start with the 1000pip Builder provider. This signal provider has independent monitoring and verification results, giving you security for your investments. 1000pip Builder offers solid and also consistent results.

These signals that it offers have a minimum reduction, that is, the strategy that this premium forex signal uses has produced in the last 18 months around 6,000 pips. Its founder is Bob and he will do all the complex analytics that signals require to be successful. Also, the main characteristic of this is that every time an operation is performed, you will receive an email with all the important details.

The signals you receive come with the entry price, in addition to the responsibility of taking the profit level. All statistics are verified. As for the price of its Premium service is $ 97 per month, in addition to an additional 30% savings if you enter their website.

Forex signals premium


This signal service is not only reliable, if not profitable, while still being premium. It exists since 2014. Its founder is Joel Kruger and it has a team of professional traders who create the signals and explain the technical analyzes made to each signal. All this in real time, and in an extremely transparent way. It also has no more and no less than 30,000 subscribers.

It is known in the market as a low frequency provider, since it does not provide as many daily signals, but this is because each signal provided is thoroughly studied and takes time. When it comes to your plans, they start at $ 30 a month.

Honest Forex Signals

It was founded in 2011. As its name implies, these signals are very transparent and analyze all the information they provide to the trader. As if that were not enough, it offers a copier signal service since 2011 is Honest Forex Signal.

This provider has a page dedicated to their statistics, with visible links showing their previous returns. Throughout the web there are many very good comments and reviews from this provider. It costs $ 177 per month.


This signal provider started its adventures from 2017 and has become a very famous and important signal provider. It also has many positive comments and good reviews. This provider is very transparent and shows their analyzes publicly. Its signals are not only for Forex trading, but also for stocks, CFDs and Crypto.

On their website there is also educational material in the form of articles on trading in financial markets. This provider provides two commercial alerts daily, in the morning and in the afternoon. Their customer service works 24 hours a day, through chat on their website. Its fee is $ 200 per month.


DDMarkets is a company that has been providing Forex trading alert services since early 2014.  It has always been a transparent company that provides various benefits to the trader to improve their stay on the platform. They also offer discounts, for example, buying one of their plans, right now, you get a 10% discount. Signals are received via email.

Their plans start at $ 74.40 per month. It also has a plan for beginners, which explains the use of signs step by step.

forex premium signals


This signal provider company offers a free course of more than 2 hours, which explains to the trader everything you should and should not do with the signals you receive. They are also experts in “back-testing”, this is based on entering the signals into Trading View and showing the real performance of the signals.

Pips Alert is an extremely famous and important premium forex signal provider in the market. Negative reviews for this provider are practically nonexistent. It also promises between 1,000 and 9,500 pips per month.

All your alerts are provided during the London and New York trading sessions.

Regarding the team that makes up this premium forex signals, there are 15 professional operators with more than 5 years of experience. In regards to their prices, these are between $ 17.95 to $ 124.95 / month, depending on the plan you choose.

FX Premiere

This group of premium signal providers was founded in 2010 and has not stopped working since then. They recently changed their name to Forex Signal SMS. Its signals cover different currency pairs such as AUD / USD-USD / CHF-CHF / JPY-AUD / JPY-EUR / JPY NZD / JPY- EUR / USD-GBP / USD-EUR / GBP-USD / JPY-GBP / JPY-NZD / USD-GOLD -OIL. By becoming part of a team whose cost is $ 34 per month, you can start receiving signals daily by email or SMS. Of course, not all day, if not in Swiss time at the time indicated by the platform. The number of daily signals are usually around 8.

Traders Academy Club

This last provider that we will show you, has a high precision rate in its signals, at 84%.

This precision we are talking about has made it a respected premium signal provider. Traders Academy club provider has existed since 2011, it has always had good reviews and positive comments from its users. Its name is because they offer advice on the use of signals and basic and professional knowledge to be a better trader.

All this through educational videos available on its platform.

The price is $ 97 per year.

Summary Forex signals premium

The forex signals being premium offer you extra security to his credit, since when you pay monthly payments, these include security of funds (they should). The premium forex signal providers we showed you earlier have a reputation for being the best on the market, for good reason.

Dare to try one!

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