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Welcome to this Forex Robotron Review on our best signals for forex blog. This time we’re going to talk about this product, benefits, pros and cons, anything you need to know!

Depending on what you read here you will figure out if it is exactly what you’re looking for. Or if, on the contrary, you will need another type of platform.

What is Forex Robotron EA?

Forex Robotron EA is a very powerful and reliable tool, it is an expert advisor that works automatically. Thousands of hours of programming and testing have gone into research and development to ensure it’s the best forex stealing in the world.

Signal calculations are based on indicators and math. As a result, this FX system delivers 65% of the winning trades.

Forex Robotron EA has made excellent profits from its inception in 2013 to the present day. A lot of effort has been put into making this automated trading system consistently, to be reliable in the long term. To be safe and profitable is a goal for them.

Who is behind Forex Robotron EA?

It’s important to know who’s the creator of these automated EAs, in this Forex Robotron Review we’ll tell you everything about it. All we know is that it was created by the Forex Robotrom team and even though the bot exists since 2013, the EA was perfect more in 2016. There isn’t any more information about the developers, and we think this is a little bit disappointing because it can drive possible clients away. Besides that, the team created the bot to work on 6 currencies pairs which are EUR/AUD, EUR/CAD, EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, EUR/USD and USD/CAD.

All of them trade by using the same settings with a 5-minute chart time frame. The robot also allows traders to modify the settings, including lot size, trading style and risk percentage.

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For who are the services of Forex Robotron EA?

This product is made for anybody, from clients that are starting in the world of Forex Trading and stock exchange, to people that already have the knowledge and are considered professional traders. Because of how’s the software made and its settings, it’s easy and practical to use.

It is necessary to clarify that beginners need to have at least basic knowledge on what’s trading, how the market works, what is Forex and what are Forex Robots and how they work, before jumping into using any EA.

Forex Robotron EA prices and packages

Here in this Forex Robotron Review, we’re going to let traders know the prices and packages of this product if they’re interested in purchasing. This Expert Advisor offers four packages which are the following:


It trades with all currency pairs, unlimited demo licenses but also one real license, it also offers software updates and dedicated support for a lifetime, it works with MT4. The price for this package is $299.


Like the package before, this one also trades with the same amount of currency pairs. It comes with unlimited demo licenses but with two real licenses. This package also counts with software updates and dedicated support for a lifetime and also works with MT4. The cost for this package is $399.


In this package, it works with all currency pairs, it also has unlimited demo licenses but it comes with three real licenses. It offers software updates and dedicated support for a lifetimes and works with MT4. The price for this one is $499.


This is the fourth package that it’s offered to purchase. Like the other ones, it trades with all currency pairs, unlimited demo licenses and unlimited real licenses. It offers software updates and dedicated support for a lifetime and works with MT4. It has a cost of $999, this is the most expensive one from all four packages.

Forex Robotron EA customer support

When traders have questions to make or if it’s a complain, there are two types of ways they can contact the team of this EA.

One way is by filling up a contact form in the section named ‘’Contact’’ that’s located at the very end of the official website, they also have an email address client can use to contact them. We recommend reading the FAQ section of the page that is also located at the end of the site, where they have many answers for different types of questions, may be the problem or doubt that traders have is already solved in that section so is best to look it up.

Forex Robotron EA client’s experiences

There’s a lot of feedback from different clients. In this Forex Robotron Review we’re going to let our readers know what they have stated about this product. There are both good and bad comments about the EA, but from what we’ve read, there are really positive comments about the robot, many traders said that the software is really great, that the bot it’s very reliable and it gives profitable trades. But there’s also some negative comments, like traders said that they starting using the bot on a demo account and it went well, but with a real account they had more losses than earnings, so that’s a little confusing.

Forex Robotron EA pros and cons


  • Excellent customer support, offer a FAQ section.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Four different packages.
  • Free software updates.


  • It only works with 6 currency pairs.
  • No much information on the developing team.
  • Inconsistent results.
  • High prices.

Forex Robotron Review summary

To end this Forex Robotron Review, we can recommend this Expert Advisor, because of how is really well built. It’s settings, it’s software, the currency that it works with, and everything else is perfect. From what we’ve read, it has more positive aspects than negatives, even though that the lack of information about the developing team is a downside because it can cause traders to not fully trust on the product so that’s a thing they need to work on. Besides that, they have a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating, and that says a lot about this product. They have high prices, but we would say that it’s worth it because of the great performance of the robot and the transparency.

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