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Welcome to this Forex Profita Review on our best signals for forex website!

Through a review like this you can analyze the services of a platform together with us. From these analyzes we will be able to know if they are tools that would serve us or if it is something that simply will not serve us in our career as a trader. Through this review we will see its pros and cons and what are the opinions of other users.

Let’s go for it!

What is Forex Profita?

Forex Profita is a popular signal provider that offers daily Forex signals via subscription since 2015.

The signals are delivered in real-time without any waste of time. Forex Profita is a great solution for anyone that wants to trade with complete confidence. Their signal execution system is very fast, in that way traders get signals within the price range.

Who is behind the Forex Profita platform?

They are a team of professionals with over ten years of experience in the Forex Industry. Their team is conformed by a managing partner, website admin, chief financial analyst, financial analyst, web developer, signal co-ordinator and a customer support manager. In this Forex Profita review, we found out that this platform is owned and operated by Admond Brosnan with his cofounder Clark Bennet.

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For who are the services of Forex Profita?

This platform is made for customers that want to get into Forex Trading and know all about the market. They even offer a comprehensive Forex Trading course that will give people everything they need to start making money with Forex Trading.

Students can interact and live online one on one with a coach recommended by high profile traders. When traders subscribe to Forex Profita, the signal service immediately alerts them as soon as an opportunity shows up in the market.

They monitor the market 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. All the traders have to do is add their personal account manager in their WhatsApp, Forex Signals Telegram or Viber. It will provide them with signals with buy/sell price, stop loss, take profits and validity period of the signals.

In general, most of these services will be aimed at traders who need help tools and to be much surer of their strategies.

Forex Profita Signal prices and packages

Currently they count with four packages for traders that want to subscribe to the Forex Profita services. All of the services are good, only the prices and the number of signals per day are different.

Like we stated before, all of the packages offer the same thing only the prices and number of signals are different, so here they are:

  • Trial: $30, per week, 3-5 Signals per day, 9 Currency Pairs, Entries, SL and TP placement, 87% Wining Rate, Whatsapp, Telegram Support, Instant Mobile Alert of signal, Personal Signal Manager, Signal given on US and London Sessions.
  • Standard: $100 per month, 5- 8 Signals per day.
  • Business: $250 for 3 months, 8- 12 Signals per day.
  • Professional: $400 for 6 months, 12-15 Signals per day.

If you are using their services for at least 3 months, you can get a 15% discount on the subscription’s plans.

Forex Profita review customer support

Traders can get in touch with team using different methods. In their page they provide their exact location in Australia and a phone number. They also have an skype support ID, email address and last but not least, their social media pages where they keep their information updated.

Their customer service in general terms is quite good and keeps their users informed and taken care of.

In the different comments and reviews that we found, we could see that the user service is quite good and celebrated by rankings of Forex platforms.

Client’s experiences

Traders that have joined the Forex Profita provider, have a lot of testimonies and good reviews of the platform. They are pleased with the prices of the packages and the trading service in general. Some of them even say that since they started using the signal, think is better than other Forex Signals providers.

it is importan taking into account the different reviews and comments of other people who have already used the services of Forex Profita review. In general, it is a platform with good reviews and that does not have a bad reputation when it comes to scams or bad services.

Pros and cons

Now, let’s take a look at the different benefits and cons that you can find in this Forex Profita review. Based on this, you can decide if the benefits it offers are enough for your strategy to be improved.


  • Trading signals.
  • Notifications through Telegram, WhatsApp or Viber.
  • Offers customer support using an email address, phone number and Skype.
  • Social media accounts with updated information.
  • Multiple plans with accessible prices.
  • Discount on plans if you use the service for 3 months.
  • Minimum risk.


  • No verified results.
  • Need more transparency.
  • According to their company policy, they don’t offer refund.
  • Don’t offer 100% success rate.

Forex Profita Review summary

Forex Profita is a really well constructed signal provider, that offer a variety of services like unique signals. Here you´ll find Forex guideline, news, education, analysis, and more. From what we’ve read, we can say that if people want to get into the Forex Trading world and don’t have a lot of knowledge on the subject, the team of professionals behind this platform will help them and will get instant profit by using the signal provider.

They have an average win of 28 pips and an average loss of 13, which is not that bad. Even their trade signal service is one of the fastest in the world, because their experts are always active.

When they see an opportunity in the market, it’s immediately executed in their account and instantly sent to the members.

Of course, there have been bad experiences from a few members that when they started using the account, they trade loss, but it doesn’t mean that everybody will experience the same.

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