Forex pharaoh´s academy review

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Welcome to this Forex Pharaoh’s academy review on our best signals for forex blog, in the following lines we will delve a little into this platform launched this year and we will see how many benefits it can provide us as a forex community.

What is Forex Pharaoh´s academy?

Forex Pharaoh’s Academy is a Forex education platform that was founded and registered in March of this year.

According to what its official website says, this is an institution that aims to “achieve financial freedom” for traders who start working in the Forex field.

In this platform you can find courses, education, signals and even Forex indicators. The truth is that it sells itself as a fairly complete platform for the current trader. Especially in the case of traders who are beginners.

Who is behind Forex pharaoh´s academy?

As we have always highlighted this aspect in our reviews, this Forex pharaoh’s academy review would be no exception.

The person behind this platform is a trader named Edward J. Williams. He claims to have approximately 9 years of experience in the world of Forex and it is based on this knowledge that he was able to carry out the creation of this website.

The name of this platform is due to the fact that its creator calls himself The Forex Pharaoh. As for the site where its headquarters are located, it is not specified anywhere on the website.

For who are these services?

The services of this platform are sectioned so that traders can address them depending on the personal needs of each trader. In Forex pharaoh’s academy review it is important to note that each trader is different so depending on which site you may be benefited by something on this platform.

Then the services of this platform will be aimed at traders who want to receive VIP Forex signals, Forex Courses for beginners, personal advice from professionals, PIP indicators and other helpful tools.

Forex pharaoh´s academy packages and prices

In Forex Pharaoh’s academy you will not find a single price, since it has its services sectioned and these have variations in their prices.

In Forex Pharaoh’s academy you can find some services such as the following:

  • Eye of Horus Trading System $ 249.99 – This is a package that includes trading systems courses.
  • Personal VIP Forex Signals. This monthly signal package is priced at $ 49. This includes from 4 to daily signals.
  • Forex Course for Beginners and Domains: Just as the name implies, this course provides you with a series of materials for beginners for $ 197.
  • Personal mentoring: for $ 797 you can have a personal mentoring from a professional.
  • Forex Pharaoh’s Ultimate EA Max Trading Robot: For $ 799 you can get the help of an entry-based expert advisor which was created to adapt to market movements.

In this Forex Pharaoh’s academy review it is important to highlight that the combination of robots and signals is always a win / win for traders. With this bot you can set your own buy / sell options.

  • The Forex Pharaoh’s Signature Trade Blueprint: For $ 4.99 USD, this option is for traders who want to trade with the highest probability settings. This is nothing more than a characteristic operation that you can add your broker.

Forex pharaoh´s academy customer service

On the platform of this provider of signals and academic services for forex you can find various ways to communicate with them.

According to what was found in this Forex Pharaoh’s academy review, they have a section of FAQ’s which is quite complete in case you want to solve small doubts. If you want to present a more specific case, you can fill out a form to send them an email.

Once you are part of their team you can communicate with them through Telegram and have personal assistance through email as well. Not much is known about the quality of their customer service or how long they take to respond because it is a new platform. However, we found no complaints about it.

You can also communicate with them through a phone call if you prefer. Of course, once you are part of their team.

Forex pharaoh´s academy client´s review and comments

Both on the platform and through the web you can find various comments on the services of this platform.

As in this Forex Pharaoh’s review we take care of only offering you the truth, we take care of reading many comments.

In many comments there were people who were quite satisfied with the services acquired and even recommending them.

However, it is impossible to ignore the fact that each trader has different experiences. There are many comments from different users saying that this platform is a fraud. They also say that their services are not that good for the prices they have. The truth is that there are many negative comments that we should not ignore.

It is important that you always take into account negative comments. Although we certainly did not find comments talking about scams, but we did find a poor quality of services.


The benefits of this platform lean a lot to the fact that they are new and you could be in the beginning of something quite big.

But other benefits can be:

  • Many services through the platform, which makes it a fairly varied platform.
  • The prices are not that high. For example with regard to Forex signals, they are quite a lot for a very low price.
  • A very friendly platform

Academy Cons

In this Forex pharaoh´s academy review it is important to highlight the fact that cons are an important aspect.

  • Results are not verified
  • Has many negative comments
  • It barely has 300 users

Forex pharaoh´s academy review summary

In this Forex Pharaoh’s academy review we could note that because it is a new platform it represents several doubts and insecurity for traders.

For that reason, it is necessary to be careful with it and be aware of the way in which we give our capital to other platforms.

Remember that safety is the most important thing!

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