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Welcome to this Forex Megadroid Review on our best signals for forex website. In this article we’re going to talk about this software, the benefits, pros and cons, everything a trader should know!

Depending on what you read here you will figure out if it is something that will meet you expectations. Let’s go!

What is Forex Megadroid?

Forex Megadroid is an EA (Expert Advisor), that was built 15 years ago for Forex traders. It stands out as the most successful robot available in the Forex market, with almost 564% increase in profits in the last 9 years. The creator claims that its accuracy is close to 96% and that this will quadruple your investments. We can verify that the expressed numbers are not unreal by testing it by applying aggressive settings for the Megadroid.

Forex Megadroid is the result of the effort of programming staff with more than 38 years of experience. With this robot you have the perfect combination of “Multi-market” Forex. There is no doubt then that Forex Megadroid is an excellent robot with which you can trade with 95.82% accuracy in each Forex conditional and above all quadruple every dollar you invest. So let’s discover if this is the best scalping ea or not.

Who is behind Forex Megadroid?

It’s very important to know who the creator of this system is. In this Forex Megadroid Review we’re going to do a proper research and see if there is the information we’re looking for. The developers of this expert advisor are two expert traders called Albert Perrie and John Grace. The two of them have over 38 years of experience in Forex trading, and they wanted to develop a software that helps others interests in Forex.

To create this great EA, they looked into other projects to get inspired on their own, and that’s how Forex Megadroid turned out, combined with the years of experience they both have. When the robot had any flaws, they would immediately work on it and make it better. Strangely, all of this information is not available in the official page of the EA. You can only find the part of the years of experience of the developers, which is a big downside.

For who are the services of Forex Megadroid?

So far, we haven’t seen so much about this robot.  Mainly because in the official website there isn’t a lot of information.

We do know this EA can be used by anybody that wants to start trading and earn money from it, from beginners to traders that are already professional.


Forex Megadroid prices and packages

Now, in this Forex Megadroid Review we’re going to see if there are any packages for this system and the prices of them.

We found that there’s only a one time package for the robot that has a price of $67. With this package clients will get support, the indicator, and they will also get a 60 day money-back guarantee in case they don’t like the results of the EA.

Forex Megadroid customer support

It’s obvious that at some point, customers will have a complaint or questions to make about the product they purchased,or a problem that need to be solved.

We did a little research in the website of Forex Megadroid and found out that the only way that clients can get in touch with the developers it’s through an email address.

That email you will find it in the section ‘’contact’’, which is located at the end of the site. They also count with a Facebook page and a Twitter account. We think they need to improve their customer support and at least add a live chat or a FAQ section, that can give the answers customers want to their dilemma.

Client’s experiences

Up to this point, we’ve seen a lot of comments from a variety of customers, in this Forex Megadroid Review we’re going to read many of them and see the experience they had. We’ve read on a few websites and there are both good and bad feedback. In the website there are no comments, which is very shady.

A few traders have stated very negative comments about the robot, saying that since the moment they purchased it, they didn’t have any earning but a lot of losses. Other people also say that when they contacted the team, they did not get any answers. And from the positive comments, there are people stating that the EA worked just fine for them.

Those positive comments are odd and makes us think that maybe those can be fake comments from fake accounts.

Megadroid pros and cons


  • Beginners friendly.
  • Low price, which can be accessible for anybody.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Experienced developers with a lot of years of hard work.
  • Is able to work in any market condition.
  • 60 day money-back guarantee.


  • A lot of negative feedback and confusing positive feedback.
  • Very poorly customer support.
  • The speed of the software can be slow sometimes.

Forex Megadroid Review summary

We’re at the end of this Forex Megadroid Review and we have to say that this product it’s great for beginners that want to start trading and get into the market.

However, we do recommend that they go in with the knowledge they need so they won’t be lost, but it still can be use by traders that don´t have experience. Even though that the developers have years and years of experience and have worked a lot in this product, we think they need to improve in a few aspects.

Also, it’s a little bit confusing the feedback that comes from different clients. So this is NOT the best forex robot!

The thing is that the EA has worked for a few years and it hasn’t work for many traders, but this we think this is the part where traders will need to go and judge on their own.

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