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Welcome to the Forex GDP review on our best signals for forex website! This time we will enter the facilities of the platform of this provider of signals for Forex. We already know that in your search for a good provider you may make mistakes and try many that are not what you are looking for, so it is better to read reviews like these so that you have a better idea of ​​what you should do and in what way .

What is FOREX GDP?

This is a low cost provider, which offers its customers a free subscription plan with which the customer can receive up to four signals per month. The signals that are generated by this provider can generate profits of between 90 and 150 pips.

These forex signals include basic input levels and also output levels which can be received through WhatsApp.

Who is behind Forex GDP?

This signal provider is claimed to have been founded and started by a group of traders from the US, Singapore, Dubai, Thailand, India and the UK. However, their names are not known for sure as they have decided to remain anonymous.

forex gdp review

For who are these Forex GDP signals?

These signals are aimed at different forex traders who are looking for cheaper and good quality signals. Also for those traders who prefer to receive the signals on more direct platforms such as WhatsApp, in this way they can execute the operations faster, which brings with it more beneficial results.

It is important to remember through these Forex GDP review that the provider that you are going to choose must match all of your needs and your personality.

ForexGDP plans and prices

In GDP forex you can find different types of payment for the Forex signals you will receive.

Generally prices range from $ 84 to $ 147 per month. FOREX GDP also has a free, a premium and a supreme membership.

  • Free membership: with this users get from 2 to 4 signals per month, in addition to being able to use basic settings. These signals are sent through Whatsapp.
  • Premium membership: This costs $ 84 per month, and provides operators with 8 to 12 signals. With this you will get trend reversal signals. You can receive these signals through email and WhatsApp.
  • Supreme Membership: This is the most expensive membership, amounting to $ 447 per month. Trough the reach we made for this ForexGDP Review we found out that with this membership the traders is supposed to have from 16 to 25 signals which aim to achieve between 700 and 1500 pips of profit. It also has complete and personalized email support.

ForexGDP Customer support

As with many signal providers, their customer service is available on various platforms. You can communicate with Forex GDP through their email or through the Forex GDP review Skype account. Professional traders in charge of managing this provider’s customer service are available to traders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Their customer service is also available in different languages ​​besides English, for all those traders who may not also operate in that language.

ForexGDP Clients and reviews

Its rating is normally around 3.5 and 4.3 (out of 5 stars), which is more than good for being a relatively new and low cost provider.

There are also many forums in which different traders share their opinions about a specific signal service and of course this platform is one of the topics.

Forex GDP reviews and comments are  positive and negative comments as everything should be. As for the negative comments, you read a lot about issues with the quick response of customer service.

And as far as the positive comments are concerned, there is talk about the ease of use of the platform and of course, the quality of the signals. According to our research for this Forex GDP review, we discovered that this provider offers signals with more than 80% accuracy.

How to use Forex GDP

A good ForexGDP review would take care of explaining to us how it works that provider. In Forex GDP the signal generated by the service is provided by a team of analysts. Such a team is known to rotate analysts, so you won’t have the same style of analysis all the time.

As we already know, there is not much information available on the identity of each analyst, however this is common in these platforms. These people provide signals for all kinds of forex currency pairs, so you can be calm and comfortable in that regard. Once you receive the signals, according to the plan you chose, you can execute them. You should of course read the analysis provided first, in order to get better results.

You can also make use of other additional tools. Here you can find  free Forex course, educational videos, a Forex trading course and a Binary Options course. The economic calendar is also essential to put these signals to good use.

Forex GDP pros

In this provider you will find various benefits for you as a trader, among which are:

  • First-rate and free educational material, such as courses for forex and binary options.
  • Free membership that offers signals with more than 80% accuracy.
  • Paid memberships have affordable prices compared to other signal providers in the market.
  • You can receive the signals directly to your WhatsApp or email, so you will not have to enter the platform to see them.

Forex GDP cons

Now, it is important to recognize flaws in a system to be able to handle them and be aware.

  • It may take several hours for your customer service to respond, due to high demand.
  • Certainly, the people behind this provider are unknown, although so far there have been no problems in that regard. However, it never hurts to work cautiously.

Forex GDP review summary

In this Forex GDP review we have come across a signal provider that has a lot to offer. And the current trader can find what it needs.

For that same reason it is important to keep in mind that whenever you meet a new provider you should take into account the way in which that provider develops. Remember to investigate before using!

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