Forex Enigma Review

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Welcome once again to a new review on our best signals for forex blog, this time we will be talking about, Forex Enigma Review.

We will have the opportunity to learn more about what their services are about and the way in which this platform works.

Depending on what you read here you will figure out if it is exactly what you were looking for.

What is Forex Enigma?

Forex Enigma is a new trading software developed to trade the EURUSD currency pair exclusively on the MT4 platform.

It also has a scalping indicator that was designed specifically for W1 and M5 timeframes. The software of this EA uses 3 different strategies for trading: scalping, trend and half grid, so this way it can provide trading opportunities. Adding all the previous things turns it into a very profitable trader on every single type of brokerage that offers MetaTrader 4 accounts. The main reason for the success of this bot is that it uses a complex trading system that’s very profitable and algorithms, also using various strategies to make sure all users get accurate signals 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

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Who is behind Forex Enigma?

It’s always necessary to know who is behind these products, in this Forex Enigma Review we’re going to let our readers know about it. Let’s do some research and see if there’s any information on who’s the creator of this robot and if there’s a team behind it. Unfortunately, after looking through their official website, we couldn’t find anything about the developers of this EA.

They haven’t introduced themselves nor in public or the sales page, they don’t give information of who they are, don’t give information of the trading history they have in the market, nothing. It’s a big of a downside that there isn’t information of the creators, because it can have a negative impact on possible clients and drive them away from purchasing the EA.

For who are the services of Forex Enigma?

We think, of how is this EA built and everything it use to make profitable trades, like a very complex system and using different strategies combined. This bot should be used only for professional traders and money managers, clients that already have the amount of knowledge needed to know how to use it. Even though clients can customize the settings of the EA, we recommend beginners to first inform themselves about Forex trading, the market and EAs so they don’t purchase the EA and feel lost when using it. TIP: if you want to boost your trading we advice to read this article:

Forex Enigma prices and packages

Here in this Forex Enigma Review we’re going to talk about the packages and its. In this case, they have 3 different packages, which are the following:


It has a price of $149 and lifetime license. It comes with one real account and one demo account and 100% automated trading. Offers free upgrades and support.


This package has a cost of $199 with a lifetime license as well. It offers two real accounts and two demo accounts, 100% automated trading and also free upgrades and support.


The price for this one is $249 and also comes with a lifetime license. This package has three real accounts and three demo accounts, 100% automated trading, free support and upgrades.

The advantage of there being three different packages is that traders can choose the one that suites them better. If they don’t feel so secure about it, they can use the demo account to see the performance of the bot and the results. We’re going to add that all three of them come with a 30 day money-back guarantee, so this is an excellent bonus.

Forex Enigma customer support

Of course, there are always going to be complains or simply questions that clients have and want to make to the developers so they can solve them. The only way we found that customers can reach the team, is by using the contact form that’s at their official page on the ‘’contact us’’ section. We think that this is a very poorly customer support, even though they don’t have so much time in the market. Definitely they should add at least an email address or social media accounts to keep clients calm and confident about this EA.

Forex Enigma client’s experiences

We’ve seen little feedback from different clients, in this Forex Enigma Review we’re going to go through various comments from traders to see what they have said about this EA. Because of how recent the product is, there isn’t so much good comments about it, but more negative feedback, stating that the bot has gave them more losses than earnings since the moment they started using it. We encourage our readers to judge on their own and see if the bot gives them the results they want but using a demo account, although they can opt to use the money-back guarantee if they use a real account.

Forex Enigma pros and cons


  • The EA is fully automated.
  • There’s a guarantee that traders will get their money back in 30 days.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Three different packages.


  • No good comments from clients.
  • Shady results.
  • Poor customer support.
  • It can be considered risky trading.
  • It only works with two currency pairs (EUR/USD).
  • No information at all about the developers.

Forex Enigma Review summary

To give it an end to this Forex Enigma review, we considered that this EA may not be the first choice of a professional trader or anybody’s choice that have a sufficient amount of knowledge about EAs.

The main reason is because it can be risky and the unclear trading and strategy performance of the bot.

Either way traders should have an experience on their own and give it a try if they want to. Although purchasing this product may not be a very profitable idea for expert traders and money managers, we think this could work just fine for people that are entering the world of stock exchange and trading. This bot could help them get an income that can be steady for the first month of their experience. We recommend to not let the algorithm of the bot to do everything on its own if traders don’t want to lose their money, they should check the performance from time to time to make sure it’s all going well.

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