Forex Cyborg Review

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Welcome to our best signals for forex website with a new Forex Cyborg Review. Let’s take a look at this tool that is so famous among different traders looking for automated help.

What is Forex Cyborg?

Forex Cyborg is a very professional and automated system that works on forex trading for traders that are already professional as well. It has complex technical analysis and based on back testing in MetaTrader 4 strategy tester.

This bot has a high win rate in multiple currency pairs for over 10 years of testing, it adjusts to various market conditions for short, medium and long term. Traders are also free of choosing how many currencies they want to trade by syncing the bot to a relevant chart.

This system operates with 20 different currencies.

Who is behind Forex Cyborg?

It’s important to know who is behind of these bots, in this Forex Cyborg EA Review won’t be any different. We’re going to talk about the creator and if there’s a team behind it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information about the creator , or if there’s a team of professionals behind this project. Not even on the official site of the bot.

This can be very disappointing and can drive many possible traders away from purchasing the Forex Cyborg. The users won’t feel comfortable with their purchase because they don’t know a thing or two about the creators, it is a big downside.

For who are the services of Forex Cyborg?

The platform is specifically made for traders that are already professionals and have the amount of knowledge needed to work with this product. It’s clarified that the bot works with a very complex system, that not everybody would know how to use, so it’s not advised for beginners to purchase it because they won’t know how it works.

forex cyborg review

Forex Cyborg prices and packages

Here in this Forex Cyborg review you’ll get to know the prices and packages of this product if you’re interested in purchasing. They count with four types of packages with different prices trades can choose from, said packages are the following:


It comes with a cost of EUR 299.99, 7 currency pairs, unlimited demo licenses, 1 real license, custom and software support for a lifetime.


With a price of EUR 399.99, this one also comes with 7 currency pairs, unlimited demo licenses, 3 real licenses, and of course with dedicated and software support also for a lifetime.


With a price of EUR 499.99, it comes with 18 currency pairs, unlimited demo licenses, one real license, a lifetime of customer and software support.


It costs EUR 599.99, it also comes with 18 currency pairs, unlimited demo licenses, 3 demo licenses, and also counts with customer and software support for a lifetime.

If traders purchase any of these four packages, they will also get apart from the trading robot: instructions on how to set up everything before getting started and a 30 day money-back guarantee if traders are not happy with the product. The most recommended one is the gold one, because it comes with 18 currency pairs and one real license.




forex cyborg

Forex Cyborg customer support

If traders want to make any type of questions or make a complain, there’s only a way they can do it, and it’s by filling up a contact form at the bottom of the official website.

Sadly, there isn’t an email address, social media accounts or even a location customer can go to looking for solutions. This can be very troubling because of the lack of communication, may be traders won’t get the answers they need in time.

Forex Cyborg client’s experiences

We’ve seen feedback from different customers. In this Forex Cyborg Review we’re going to let you know about the experiences from clients. Traders have said different things about this product, both good and bad, but mostly there have been more bad experiences than good ones.

There’s a number of customers that stated that the service has worked well since the moment they started using it. But other traders have told that from the moment they purchased the EA, it didn’t work so well, they even said that after a period of time using it, they had more losses than earnings. Some trouble getting a refund on their money is also present. Putting that aside, not everybody will have a bad experience with the bot, it will be a different experience for every trader. Off course it all comes down to the risk management. on the Best Forex Expert Advisors website you can read similar ea reviews.

You just have to test it and judge on their own.

Forex Cyborg pros and cons


  • Offers customer support using a contact form in their official page.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Four different packages with different prices.
  • It works with 20 currencies pairs.
  • Money management to secure traders’ profits.


  • High prices on two of their packages.
  • Don’t offer 100% success rate.
  • Poor customer support.
  • No information about the developers behind the product.
  • It’s only made for professional traders.
  • The strategy they use is not very clear.

Forex Cyborg Review summary

To end this Forex Cyborg Review, we can say that this automated forex trading bot is very well constructed. The four packages that the platform offers are a very good point for them in general terms..

Even though two of the packages have high prices, the first two are accessible. From what we’ve read, if you want to get into the market and specifically Forex trading, this product will help you.

Remember, experiences can be different for traders. In terms of information about the creator, like we stated before, is disappointing that there isn’t any on their official website.

We think they need to improve a lot and provide their clients and future the needed information. In the previous way, so they can choose if they want to trade with the Forex Cyborg and feel safe. They also need to work on their trading results, and not put any false information on their website, because it can lead them to loose clients.

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