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Welcome to this DD Markets Review on our best signals for forex blog. In this article we’re going to talk about this forex signal provider, benefits and cons. Depending on what you read here, you will figure out if it is exactly what you were looking for.

But before we get into the main subject, we need to know what forex signal is, because that can help you understand a lot more about DD Markets.

What is Forex Signal?

A Forex Signal is a service that sends data on how to perform operations on a currency pair in Forex, usually given at a specific time and price. The signal is generated either by an analyst or by an automated system.  Due to their nature, they are usually sent via email, text message, or other similar methods.

What are the types of forex signal services?

Forex signal services are classified into 4 categories:

  • Free signals
  • Signals paid to a provider either from personal or algorithmic analysis.
  • Aggregate signals from multiple signal sources.
  • Signals provided by a tradind software installed on the trader’s computer, also known as a forex robot.

Now that we know a little about Forex Signal, we’re ready to talk about DD Markets.

dd markets reviews

What is DD Markets?

Digital Derivatives Markets (DD Markets), is a Forex signal provider which has been working and providing accurate market research, analysis and trade alerts (signals) to online traders across the globe. Their performance dates back to 2014 and presented in extreme transparency.

Who is behind DD Markets?

DD Markets is not owned by any financial firm and they are not affiliated with any forex brokers. Many of the free telegram forex signals providers are commissioned by forcing the trader to open a trading account with one of the brokers they are associated with.

It works manually generated to suit day traders, part-time traders and swing traders. This trading signal performance is presented in a clear and organized manner in the performance page. In this DD Markets review its necessary for you to know who are working with you.

For who is this signal provider?

DD Markets was created for traders that want to be involved in the market and want to work with a trade alert that suits them the best, a signal that traders are comfortable with.

What are the plans that DD Markets offer to the traders?

This forex signal provides different types of plans with different prices so traders can pick one that they would like to use, and said plans are the following:

Global Trade Alerts 14-day Plan

The plan will begin as soon as the you sign up and can be terminated at any time:

  • Access all our published trade alerts on the website.
  • Constant trade updates and instant notifications via email.
  • Secured payment.

This plan has a cost of $59.90

Global Trade Alerts 30-day Plan

Just like the other plan, this one also starts as soon as the trader signs up and can be terminated any time:

  • Access all our published trade alerts on the website
  • Constant trade updates and instant notifications via email
  • Secured payment

The 30-day plan has a cost of $87.40

Global Trade Alerts 90-day Plan

This plan will start after you sign up and can also be terminated at any time:

  • Access all our published trade alerts on the website.
  • Constant trade updates and instant notifications via email.
  • Secured payment.

And the price for this plan is $230.60

DD Market also added two new plans, which are:

Forex (Spot) Intraday Strategies 14-day Plan and Forex (Spot) Intraday Strategies 30-day Plan

Both plans offer the same thing:

  • Direct access to our Forex intraday strategies.
  • Instant notifications to your email when a new intraday strategy is released.
  • Secured payment.

But they have different prices, the 14-day plan has a cost of $49.70 and the 30-day one has a cost of $74.40

DD Markets also has a Custom Market Research, where they’ll provide the traders with market insights on any instruments of the trader’s choice in the Foreing Exchange market and high-volume US/European equities. By applying for the package they will update via email on our intraday/swing technical views on the instrument that the traders selected.

The price for the custom research package is a single payment that does not recur.

  • Professional market research.
  • Medium to long term projections.
  • Secured payment.

It has a price of $47.90 per market research.

Exporters Currency Solution

Currency projections in the Forex market for exporters and importers.

  • Currency projections on EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY.
  • Updates and instant notifications via email.
  • Secured payment.

It is a 30-day Plan with a cost of: $96.50

And last but not least, a Cryptocurrency 30-day Plan, that just like the other plans, this one will also start as the trader signs up and can be terminated at any time:

  • Direct access to our cryptocurrency’s strategies, forecasts and signals.
  • Instant notifications to your email when an update is released.
  • Secured payment.

This is a 30-day Plan and with the price of: $56.50

It’s really important to know the variety of plans that DD Markets has to offer and the prices of each and one of them, so traders can go with the one that they feel more secure with.

DD Markets customer service

The client service of this provider has a good rating, they are used to reply fast through the platform and to solve all of your doubts. Also, they are available in different languages.

DD Markets client´s experience

In general, through the research done by this DD Markets review, we made it clear that this is a very renowned provider and that it has all its users completely in love. It is really a provider that traders love as it offers them everything they need.

Benefits of DD Markets

  • Risk Assessment

They set a protective stop and a take profit order for every trade that is issued. The orders come from a technical analysis they find in the time frame the analysis was carried on. In every signal that is issued we strive for a 1 : 3 risk reward ratio and avoid heavy protective stops.

  • Secured Payments

This provider is collaborating with Paypal, the largest internet payment company in the world to process all payments. PayPal is available in over 200 countries and is well-known for providing secured online transactions.

  • Competitive Pricing

Remaining competitive in the market is very important. DD Market provides multiple trading plans for greater flexibility and to appeal to a spectrum of traders including day traders, swing traders, part-time and full-time traders.

DD Markets cons

This is a provider that has practically no cons beyond what some people say their platform can be a little slow.

DD Markets review Sumary

In conclusion, DD Markets review aims to deliver the most accurate forex signals via several trading strategies that are executed based on the current market conditions.

We know there are a lot of forex signals providers out there but based on what is on this article, we can assure traders that DD Markets is, no doubt, one of the best forex signals because of its transparency, manual work, numbers of plans, and more.

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