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Hi and welcome to our best signals for forex blog. In order to trade a pair correctly, it is extremely important to understand it in depth. At the same time, trading signals play an important rol. It is a big deal having the right tools on hand.

Trading signals represent an advantage in the world of trading. This time we will talk a little about the AUD / NZD signals.

But first we will give a quick study to this pair so popular and loved by current traders.

What is the AUD/NZD Signals?

AUD / NZD represents the commercial relationship between the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar.

This pair is defined under the cross-currency pair classification. In this case we find AUD as the base currency and NZD is the quote currency.

Influences on both currencies

All coins will eventually be affected by different situations around them.

This is an important aspect to consider if you plan to make good use of the aud / nzd signals.

For this reason, we have made a compilation of situations that would influence the price of both currencies. Always remember to keep the following points in mind when you read signal analysis or even before receiving them, being prepared is a golden rule in trading.

Influences on the AUD

  •  Economic releases: like many other currencies, the AUD is affected and moves against other currencies due to situations of this nature.

Among the most common we have: changes in the country’s gross domestic product, industrial production, retail sales, trade balances and much more frequently, the country’s inflation.

This happens very often for any currency, since all economies are changing, as well as the market.

  •   Natural disasters: Any natural disaster has a direct impact on the economy of a country. If something such as a natural disaster, significantly impacts a country, that country and its currency would be affected. It is important to emphasize that Australia is not the exception.
  • Government policy: In this case, things like elections come to the fore. Situations of this nature affect the relative price of AUD, so does the production and the market price of various metals.
  • Foreign demand: The demand for natural resources has become an important aspect, due to Australia’s relations with China and India.

Imports also affect the AUD exchange.

  •  Monetary policy: This can benefit the AUD. This is because any change or announcement by the Bank of Australia Reserve will be either a positive or negative blow to AUD.

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Influences on the NZD

  • Supply and demand factors: If New Zealand exports products or services, it creates a demand for NZD because its customers must pay in that currency.

This will give a movement to the currency in the market as these people will have to exchange their local currency for the NZD. It is important to understand that the NZD is also a currency highly sought after and preferred by traders, so it will not be a problem to trade with it or with any of its pairs.

  • Technical factors: Every good trader will be obliged to assess whether the NZD supply will be higher or lower than the same demand.

This is achieved by being aware of any news or event that occurs in the locality of the currency you are trading. To be more specific, you should pay special attention to government statistics, payroll data, and GDP data.

Certainly, these are things that you can save yourself just by using signals, it is also important that you educate yourself as a trader.

Educating yourself means that in the future you could even share your own trading signals.

  • Natural Disasters: Although this is something that was previously added for AUD as well, it is vital to learn that this is a factor that changes the stability of any currency.

It does not matter if it is the most economically stable country, the presence of natural disasters can represent an economic catastrophe that would directly affect any currency and the NZD is no exception.

  • Cross Rate Effect:  Another currency pair in which the NZD does not figure can be an influence on the NZD, directly.

This means that the fall of another currency against a currency that is closely related to the NZD can cause a decrease in all 3 currencies involved.

AUD/NZD Signals

Once we have understood what this pair is and what situations influence its movement, we can go to the part you came here for.

Trading signals are extremely important for any trader who wants to make their life a little easier.

We will give you a walk through the most used signals to get AUD / NZD signals. There are many ways to get live forex signals without registration!

This is a super famous broker that became a signal provider and does not stop impacting its users. has years of experience in the market and has always provided the best services for the trader. This provider has the Autochartist option in which the broker automatically scans the currency market. Once the market is scaned it highlights the trading opportunities that you can use as signals.

At the same time, its signals are accompanied by technical and fundamental analysis, with the aim of providing the best customer service.

For more benefits, it also has a free account. In their free account you can receive signals from time to time.

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Traders Academy Club

By paying only $ 97 per year you will be able to receive top quality AUD / NZD signals. This is a provider with verifiable experience since they have been on the market since 2011.

You can receive the signals through email and via Skype.

As if that were not enough you can also get training from its members.


The MQL5 signals page is one of the main resources for traders in order to find AUD / NZD signals. In general, this is an exceptional provider that offers signals for all pairs in the market, without exception.

You can even receive signals from individual traders, which will be verified by the platform.

In addition, all traders that offer signals have ratings made by other users. The price of the signals will depend exclusively on the prices given by each trader.

AUD NZD Signals summary

All signals available in the market for AUD / NZD usually come based on certain technical analyzes. This analyzes are made by professional traders. That is the main reason why you have to choose the right provider.

It is important to do a previous investigation about the providers you want.

And as always, here you can find what is necessary.


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