Arbitron EA Review

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Welcome to this Arbitron EA Review on our best signals for forex website. Below you will find the information necessary to understand the services of this platform and how it can help you in your career as a trader. So, pay attention to this review and see for yourself if it is a tool that you need.

What is Arbitron EA?

Arbitron EA is a famous and automated trading bot that was specifically made, like many others, to work on the stock market.  This system trades on major currency pairs and uses latency arbitrage to grow traders accounts with great accuracy. It is also a friendly bot for beginners that it is easy to set up and doesn’t need any complex adjustments, the system detects and sets everything automatically for you. It’s a very simple system, it gives traders the information they need like what’s going on with the results, speeds and profit potential.

Who is behind Arbitron EA?

It’s always important to know who is behind this automated bot, in this Arbitron EA Review we’ll tell you all about it. We’re going to clarify who’s the creator of this bot and if there’s a team working behind it.

The developer of the bot is called LeapFX, also known as Alex and Nick, they are two geniuses in the automated investment space. Both of them have degrees in finance and have 7 years of experience in the industry, years specializing in automated trading on stock exchange and Forex.

Most of their careers they have worked a lot from trading and created multiple systems. Arbitron is one of their advanced creations, they’ve been using it to earn monthly incomes with a great success.

For who are the services of Arbitron EA?

This bot is made for practically anybody that’s working on trading and on stock exchange and Forex. Recently, the developers of this bot have simplified the software so this means beginners in trading and traders with experience and knowledge can use it to make money like them in Forex.




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Arbitron EA prices and packages

Here in this Arbitron EA Review you’ll get to know the prices and packages of this platform if you’re interested in purchasing. They count with two types of packages that have different prices, it allows traders to purchase the bot, said packages are the following:

The first one is a 3 month payment plan that has a cost of $347 per month. The second package is a onetime payment which costs $799. Both of these come with a lifetime of license and a lifetime of Arbitron trading software, with updates and support. The price point is really high compared with others in the market, $500 more than the product that’s considered number one in the market.

Arbitron EA customer support

If traders want to make a complaint or simply ask questions about the bot, prices, software or any information related to the bot, there’s an email address where customers can contact the creators behind it.

EA client’s experiences

We’ve seen feedback from different customers. In this Arbitron EA Review we’re going to let you know about what people have to say about it. Traders have said different things about this bot, both good and bad, but there’s seem to be a lot of confusing statements. Some of the customers say that when they started using the 3 month payment plan, the arbitron bot didn’t generated any earnings. There are many other EA Reviews on the Best EA Forex site.

Instead they had loss at least 2 months in a row out of the 3 months plan, they aren’t experiencing any profit like the accounts that are showed on the official website. There are also other clients that have said that they are lost because when they write to the email address to get support, don’t get any reply on their complaints.

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  • The bot is 100% automated.
  • It has auto settings, meaning: it detects speeds, time and any data you need, then it adjusts the settings for you.
  • Lifetime updates and support.
  • Money back guaranteed, this is very important, because if traders aren’t satisfied with the bot, they’ll get a full refund.
  • New approach to arbitrage.
  • It has all major currencies.
  • Doesn’t have complex adjustments.
  • Because of the software updates, it can be used for beginners and experienced traders.


  • High prices.
  • No strategy insight.
  • Shady results.
  • Poor support.
  • It’s considered as risky trading.
  • Traders have experienced more losses than earnings.

Arbitron EA Review summary

To end this Arbitron EA review, we can say that even though this automated bot is very well constructed by experienced people, with years and years of work in automated trading and stock exchange.

This platform it still has a long way to go. From what we’ve read, this bot can be a lot better, if they keep putting an effort on showing real results on the accounts on their page and every other aspect of the creation.

Although many clients stated they had a bad experience, we encourage the readers to check it out on their own if they want to. Sometimes results can be different to everybody, not everyone experience is the same. The developers of this site are very professional and have a lot of experience on the subject so that tells us that they know what they’re doing.

The truth is that they just need to put a little more effort into replying to customers questions, they need to be more transparent on results, and may be offer other packages so the prices can stop being an issue.

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